3D Architectural Signs

Sandbox Signs + Graphics designs and builds eye-catching 3D signage for Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC businesses. 3D architectural signage can be used both indoors and outdoors and makes an impressive and bold statement about your company or organization.



Panarama Office Sign



Gallery Fourteen2

Cruiseship Centers


Benefits of 3D Signage

Above all else, 3D signs get Vancouver businesses noticed. Whether indoor or outdoor, 3-dimensional signage demands attention from pedestrians and motorists. The signs “pop” forward amongst other building signs, becoming a differentiator that separates you from the pack. Besides beings seen, 3D signage looks professional, and is attractive and durable.

3D Architectural Signage Materials

3D architectural signage can be made with many materials including: molded or formed metal and plastic, wood, Styrofoam, cast foam, MDF, or a combination of materials. Outdoor signs are typically made from stainless metals and durable plastic, while indoor 3D signage can be made of any of these materials or a combination thereof.

3D Signs and Your Brand

At Sandbox, we understand the importance of consistent branding. Your Vancouver company’s 3D sign can incorporate elements of your brand theme, colours, fonts, or be a faithful reproduction of your company logo.

Outdoors or Indoors

Sandbox has created many indoor and outdoor 3D signage for Vancouver businesses.  3D signs may be used for the main building sign or address, or above a business entrance. Indoors, 3D signs can be used on reception desk fronts or the wall behind the reception area. Architectural signage can be mounted — so it sits forward and creates more depth, or lit from above or behind creating impressive shadows or nighttime illumination.

Get a Quote for 3D Signs

If you are curious about 3D architectural signage for your Vancouver or Lower Mainland business, contact us for a free consultation or request a free quote. We’d be happy to discuss the many options available.