Sandbox Signs + Graphics creates attractive durable banners for Vancouver and BC businesses. Banner signs offer flexibility and affordability, providing many indoor and outdoor options for advertising your business, services or events.


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Banners: flexible, affordable, and attractive

Whether you need storefront banner signs for your business, event banners that make you stand out in the crowd, or street-facing window banners to advertise sales or services, banners provide an alternative to other forms of signage that are affordable, portable, durable, and flexible. Unlike more permanent signs — wood and metal for example — banners are easy to install and just as easy to replace if you want to update the look of your signage.

Banner Materials

Banners can be made from canvas, vinyl, scrim vinyl or fabric. Choosing which options are appropriate is a matter of aesthetics and location — indoor or outdoor. Virtually any graphic or photographic image can be printed on banner materials.

Canvas Banners

Canvas banners are generally used indoors and like all banners virtually any graphic can be printed upon them, though the texture of canvas means that photographs, graphics and lettering are not as crisp as when printed on vinyl, scrim or fabric.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are the cost effective, go-to choice for many business signage and advertising purposes. Vinyl banners can be used indoors or outdoors. Nearly any combination of graphics, photographs, or lettering can be printed on them. The all-weather durability and affordability is what makes vinyl banners a popular choice for outdoor signage.

Scrim Vinyl Mesh Banners

Scrim vinyl mesh banners provide high strength and durability outdoors — withstanding winds and tearing. Scrim vinyl is composed of polyester fabric that sits between two polyethylene vinyl layers. Scrim banners are slightly see-through because of the crisscross weaving that allows air to flow through, reducing billowing and flapping on windy days. Scrim vinyl takes inks very well, resulting in highly saturated colours and crisp lettering.

Fabric Banners

Fabric banners often look more finished and colours are more vibrant because dyes are absorbed by the fabric and don’t just sit upon the surface — a process known as dye sublimation. Fabric banners can be used indoors or outdoors, resist fading, can be dry cleaned, and store easily.

Banner Finishing and Reinforcement

Generally, indoor banners, which are not subjected to wind and rain, don’t require the same reinforcing or finishing of outdoor banners. Outdoor banners are often reinforced with folded hems, reinforced corners, grommets and hanging pockets, or special wind slits that allow air flow and reduce flapping. Banners can be pole-hung, tied, or displayed on stands such as adjustable tripods or table-top stands.

Banner Signage Consultation

If you are looking for banners in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland and would like to discuss your options, contact us for a free sign cost estimate or consultation. We’ll be happy to help and guide you to the appropriate choice.