Display Signage

View a photo gallery of display signage created by Sandbox Signs + Graphics. We create wall signs, window displays and wall murals for Vancouver and Lower Mainland business fronts, office buildings, galleries, retail facilities and more.

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Why Would I Choose Display Signage?

Wall display signs have many uses, from building directory boards to volunteer and donor walls, though these are just two examples of their use. Displays signs are limited only by your imagination. If you have the wall space and are looking for a way to educate, inform, or thank, using materials in a visually exciting way, display signage could be the right choice for you.

Display Signs Combine Materials for Impact

Creating visual interest by combining materials is what makes display signage so effective. Wall signs and murals get noticed. By combining many materials such as glass, metal, plastic, wood, vibrant colours, appealing graphics, photos, and messaging, display signs/wall murals are multimedia installations that draw a visitor’s attention. Wall display signage can also have a 3-dimensional quality because they can be mounted away from the wall, casting shadows that push them forward, creating the illusion of floating or additional depth.

Uses of Display Signage

Whether you are a retailer, building manager, exhibitor, profit or non-profit company, consider display signage for:

  • Interior building signs and directories
  • Gallery exhibits
  • Donor recognition walls
  • Volunteer recognition walls
  • Educational exhibits
  • Building facility, section, area, or wing markers
  • Show room displays
  • Trade show displays

If you have questions about display or wall signs, or are wondering how your agency might use them, contact Sandbox for a free custom sign estimate.