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Why Trade Show and Event Signage?

When you are at a trade show, the name of the game is “get noticed”. With so many exhibitors competing for the attention of attendees, well planned and executed event signage is a must. If nobody visits your trade show booth or table after you’ve spent so much time planning, creating marketing or educational materials, practicing your greeting and polishing presentations, then is it worth attending?

Quite frequently, event exhibitors experience this kind of reception when little attention is given to trade show signage. The next time you are at an event, look around you. What do you notice? The answer is “signs” — not necessarily large signs, but well-designed event signage that demands attention. Signs with strong visual impact from across a large room, and astutely crafted messaging that can be read from a distance, draw visitors like a magnet. Even if some trade show visitors are only walking over to see your signage, others will see those visitors gathering and will think “There must be something happening over there,” and wander over. This phenomenon is the trade show equivalent of the perpetual motion machine. Energy begetting energy.

What Type of Trade Show Signage Do I Need?

The type of trade show signage you need largely depends on the number of exhibitors and the size of your space. The more exhibitors there are to compete with, the stronger your presence must be.

A good rule for event signage is: use signs that are as large as you can comfortably transport and fit in your space. You may also combine signage strategically to increase your chances of being found, and retaining the traffic that finds you.

A combination of the following event signs works best:

  • Trade show booth graphics
    Gets visitors to notice you from a distance.
  • Banners
    Hoist your message above the throng of other event booths signs. Not too high, but high enough to stand apart from others.
  • Free-standing displays (sandwich boards)
    Can be moved to more strategic locations as you learn how the crowd flows.
  • Wall signage (if you are near a wall and allowed to hang signs)
    Useful for exhibits with several points of focus.
  • Table top displays
    A great way to get your marketing pieces noticed. Much better than a stack of papers on a table.

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