Advertising Signage & Posters

Sandbox Signs + Graphics designs, creates and prints many types of business posters for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland retailers, businesses and non-profit organizations. Our advertising signage gallery is a small sampling of what we can offer.

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Why Advertising Posters?

Advertising posters are a flexible, cost-effective form of signage that many businesses don’t consider. Business owners may perceive their use narrowly — a strictly “wall hung” form of advertising — but posters are much more versatile. Advertising signs can be used on retail or business office windows, walls, floors and even upon your products.

The benefits of posters are many. Posters are:

  • Portable
    Posters can be moved easily, used in different locations within shops, offices, events and trade shows.
  • Cost-effective
    Posters cost less than other forms of signage. They are an advertising solution that works well for budget-conscious businesses, or retailers that need numerous signs to promote products.
  • Flexible and versatile
    Poster ads can be displayed virtually anywhere and have infinite uses. They can be used as a permanent feature, for sales, point-of-sale advertising, or education.
  • Scalable
    Posters can be any size, large or small.
  • Suitable
    Posters work well for retail but are also useful for service and non-profit advertising.

Advertising Signage Materials

Advertising signage posters can be minimal, using few colours or black and white and attached to surfaces with simple adhesive tape, or, they can be colourful, framed (with or without glass), have a protective coating, and printed on a variety of materials, including vinyl, canvas or art board. Posters can be hung on walls, placed in windows, placed on stands, incorporated into store wall design for a mural effect, or wrapped around larger products, like appliances, vehicles and others.


Let Sandbox guide you toward the right advertising poster solution for your business or organization. Submit a quote request, or contact us.