Retail Signage

Sandbox Signs + Graphics is a Vancouver sign maker that creates retail signage for Vancouver and Lower Mainland businesses. Our retail store signage includes: advertising, point-of-sale, and promotional signage. The following gallery is just a sampling of how we help retailers attract customers by creating engaging and attractive signs that get noticed.

Bench 2

Bench Hoarding


Cooperators Copy

Deerfoot Bulkhead

H And M

SE 12 Market Mall Smokehouse

Shefield Hoarding

Sun Life Plaza Humidor

Types of Retail Signage

From indoor and outdoor retail store signage to point-of-purchase displays and promotional posters, Sandbox creates and installs signs that get noticed by shoppers.

  • Wall and window graphics
    If your retail shop faces the street or mall traffic, chances are you have window space that provides an optimal opportunity for promoting sales or advertising merchandise. Sandbox creates large-scale window graphics and signage for Vancouver retailers. Window signs get noticed, attract foot traffic and help establish your store’s visibility and brand. Wall and window graphics can include large-scale graphics for an entire wall or window in a mall setting, vinyl graphics and lettering for windows, and store operating hours on entrance doors.
  • Retail posters and promo signs
    Your promotional offering, sale or special is only effective if it gets noticed. Sandbox creates effective, economical posters and promotional store signage for Vancouver businesses. Whether you are a mall retailer or street-facing retail store, it’s vital that your promotions are noticed, both inside and outside the store. Posters are a multipurpose promotional tool that attract the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians outside the store, and shoppers inside the store.
  • Retail store banners and displays
    Banners are a great way to advertise your store, sales and promotions. Durable, weatherproof vinyl banners can be used on store exteriors for promotions, or even as your main retail store signage. Inside the store, banners can hung on walls and windows facing in-store shoppers or mall traffic. Free-standing banners on floor stands can be used for point-of-sale promos or near sale items.
  • Retail storefront sandwich boards
    Sandwich boards may be the most useful signage for your Vancouver retail store. Portable and economical, sandwich boards draw the attention of mall shoppers and sidewalk traffic. It may seem obvious, but many retailers miss this very basic opportunity for advertising. Sandwich boards in a retail setting are a landmark that shoppers look for. If you don’t have a sandwich board, your business is far less visible amongst other retailers on your street or in a mall setting.
  • Building signs
    Sandbox creates custom-made building signs for retailers, including backlit signs, 3-dimensional logos and letterings and more. Attached above your store entrance, or directly to the building façade, building signs are the most basic form of advertising required of retailers.
  • Vinyl signs
    Vinyl signs and lettering can be used indoors or outdoors, on windows and doors, advertising sales, hours of operation, or as your main retail store signage.
  • Vehicle wraps
    If you drive in Vancouver, park on its busy streets, or in front of your store, vehicle wraps just may be one of the most effective forms of long-term advertising available. With vehicle wraps, you take the message directly to consumers in their community. Vibrant, eye-catching, and durable, vehicle signs provide years of service. Purchased once, they last for as long as you drive your vehicle.

Get a Free Retail Signage Consultation

With so many signs for Vancouver retail stores to choose from, a consultation is the best way to understand which signs are best for your store. Get a free restaurant signage consultation and estimate or contact us if you have any questions.