Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics for your Vancouver or Lower Mainland business’s cars, trucks or vans, are a great way to promote your brand while on the road. Following are just some of Sandbox Signs + Graphics stunning, custom-made car and truck graphics. These vibrant and colourful graphics get your business noticed. Read more about vehicle wraps.

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Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

While driving, you may have noticed an increasing trend in companies using vehicle graphics for Vancouver or Lower Mainland business promotion. That’s because vehicle graphics are economical and they work, much more so than traditional forms of advertising, such as print and radio which are time limited and cost prohibitive for many businesses. Vehicle graphics promote your brand, services and products for as long as you drive your company car or truck.

If you or your employees drive a company car, truck, or van around Vancouver, or if you park your company vehicle in high traffic areas, you’ll benefit because:

  • Vehicle graphics get noticed
  • Unlike print or radio ads, car, truck and van graphics are not time limited. They are “on” for as long as you drive your vehicle.
  • Vehicle graphics are economical: pay for the graphics once and you get an “ad on wheels” for years to come.
  • You take your advertising to your audience in any part of your community, meeting them at their doorstep.

Vehicle Graphics Materials

There are many options available for durable, vibrant vehicle graphics including:

  • Full vehicle wraps
    Full vehicle wraps are made of durable, colourful, UV resistant adhesive backed vinyl that literally wraps your vehicle in the graphics of your choosing. We can help you design vehicle graphics for wraps and do the installation. Vehicle wraps last for many years without fading or wear and when removed, the original paint beneath is unharmed, and is actually preserved from damage caused by weather, environmental pollutants and fading.
  • Cast vinyl film
    For smaller vehicle graphics, cast vinyl film is a good choice. Graphics are printed on thin but strong vinyl which conforms to vehicle body contours.
  • One-way perforated window graphics
    Perforated one-way window film allows you to use your vehicle windows as advertising and branding space without obstructing your view of traffic. Nearly any graphic can be printed on one-way film. People outside see the graphic — you see the traffic.
  • Magnetic vehicle graphics and signs
    Magnetic vehicle signs are an effective, affordable and temporary solution to vehicle graphics. Graphics are printed on durable, flexible, magnetized vinyl. You simply attach the vinyl magnetic sign to your vehicle doors or body. Colourful graphics can be printed on the magnetic vehicle sign and can include your logo, company name, address, contact information, and list your services or products. Signs can easily be swapped between vehicles. Vehicle magnets don’t work on fiberglass or aluminum bodies and some coated metals.
  • Vinyl vehicle window decals
    If you need smaller window graphics, window decals are easy way to display your company logo, company name, phone number, street address, and/or website address.

Consultation and Estimate

If you’d like to discuss vehicle graphics for your Vancouver business, let Sandbox help you choose the most suitable solution. Contact us today for a free vehicle graphics consultation. We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the guidance you need.