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Leadership and Signs?

Ok so you are asking yourself what does Leadership and Signs have to do with one another? Quite a bit actually. As John Maxwell outlines in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, good leaders, add value, communicate and connect with others, influence others and create buy-in. Don’t signs do the same thing? Have you ever contacted a company because of a company vehicle that you saw driving down the road? Maybe it was a vehicle wrap or simple vinyl graphics. Either way it captured your attention and effectively communicated it’s message to you. The message then connected with you and influenced you to buy-in (you called the company).

Other signs do the same thing. At trade shows, effective displays, pop-ups and banner displays are all trying to do the same thing as that vehicle driving down the road. They communicate, connect and influence all in order to create buy-in. The same goes for building storefront signs, sandwich boards and window murals.

How about the adding value part? Effective signs do that as well. They add value to the business that they are working for. A really effective sign can not only create strong brand awareness but also add credibility to your business. Something as simple as a customer reserved parking sign with your company logo can add value to your business. Oh one more thing…effective signs also add value to your clients when they are trying to find your location.

Next time you see a sign ask yourself.. does this sign add value to me or the business who made it? Is it connecting with me? Is this sign a “Leader”?