Affordable Signs for Events & Tradeshows

Micron Waste Innovation tradeshow signage freestanding banner

Affordable Signs for Events & Tradeshows

If you’re looking for affordable signs for events or tradeshows, you’ll be happy to know that they exist, if you choose wisely. “Affordable” doesn’t have to mean cheaply made, cheap looking or ineffective. If you run a small company or a startup, you may not have the marketing budget for a flashy tradeshow booth and event displays; however, you can equip your sales and marketing teams with basic, tried-and-true event signage.

Most Economical Signs for Events & How to Use Them

Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has made thousands of event signs for businesses in Vancouver and throughout BC. In our experience, the following signs are not only affordable, but they’ll also become mainstays of your event marketing package that will provide years of service without breaking the bank.

Hanging Vinyl or Cloth Banners

Hanging vinyl and cloth banners are sometimes overlooked, although they may be the most affordable event signage available. Vinyl banners are usually the best choice because they can be used indoors and outdoors, are more durable than cloth, and colours and lettering are crisper and more vibrant than when printed on cloth. Both vinyl and cloth banners come with metal grommets in the corners so you can hang the banner using nylon picture-hanging filament or wire.

How to use the sign

Hang banners above the front of your tradeshow table or hang one on each side so they are seen by attendees walking in either direction. Talk to your tradeshow organizers to find out where you are allowed to hang banners.

Banners on Pop-Up Banner Stands

Pop-up banners can be used instead of, or in addition to, hanging banners. A pop-up banner is a retractable easel for displaying your cloth or vinyl banner.

An event sign for Transat travel agents.

An event sign for Transat travel agents.

How to use the sign

You can use pop-up banners to the sides, or in place of, a tradeshow booth. If you have only one pop-up banner, orient it so it faces toward oncoming foot traffic. If you have two, place one on either side of your tradeshow table facing in opposite directions to catch tradeshow floor foot traffic in either direction.

Stretcher-Frame Mounted Banners

Large-scale cloth and vinyl banners can be mounted on stretcher frames. A stretcher frame (sometimes called “stretcher bars”) are usually used to stretch painter’s canvas, but we often use them for banners. Banners on stretchers are much more affordable than tradeshow booths.

Event display banner for Borden Ladner Gervais

A large-scale banner on a stretcher frame. The banner takes on a 3-dimensional quality and because of its scale will be noticed.

How to use the sign

Use a large-scale stretched banner in place of a more expensive tradeshow booth. Place it behind your tradeshow table as a backdrop. If the tradeshow table area has adjustable lighting, point lights at the banner, or bring your own lighting to illuminate the backdrop. A much more affordable sign than those used for tradeshow booths, stretched banners can be just as noticeable and impactful.

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Ask Us About Affordable Signs for Tradeshow & Event Marketing

If you’re trying to save money on event signage, Sandbox Signs can help you put together an affordable event signage package that you’ll use for years to come. Our beautifully-made banners and event displays help your business make a memorable impression on the tradeshow floor. Contact us for a free consultation or request a quote.