Must Have Tradeshow Signs that Get Noticed

Tradeshow Signage Packages

Must Have Tradeshow Signs that Get Noticed

In the competitive world of trade events, you need a competitive edge, including tradeshow signs. Tradeshow marketing is alive and well, with new participants entering the events arena every year.  According to Statisca’s tradeshow stats, in 2015, 39% of tradeshow visitors were first-time attendees, the highest percentage of new attendees reported in 14 years. Why? Tradeshows are a great avenue to build relationships with potential customers. According the same study, in 2015, 51% of tradeshow attendees planned on buying exhibitor products or services. Tradeshows are a marketing channel that businesses take seriously!

With so many businesses attending tradeshows, and so many potential buyers, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created eye-catching, vivid, tradeshow signage for hundreds of businesses that have exhibited at events. We can work with your design team or take the lead – whichever option works best for you.

Why You Need Tradeshow Signage

The days of attending an event armed with only a handful of brochures, a well-practiced sales pitch and a firm handshake are gone. At a tradeshow, you will be competing with savvy marketers who will employ every possible tactic from hiring well known guest speakers to producing slick multimedia presentations. Remove these marketing bells and whistles and what remains? Tradeshow signage! Tradeshow signs are the “lowest common denominator” in terms of marketing tools used by most exhibitors. If you are attending an event and don’t have strong signage, you may as well stay home.

Pop-Up Sign or Pop-Up Displays

Sometimes referred to as “pop-up booths”, pop-up displays serve as “home” at a tradeshow. They often stand behind your tradeshow table. Pop-up displays are freestanding and fold into a carrying case. The graphics of pop-up displays are usually large, bold and vibrant, frequently containing your company branding (logo and slogan), possibly names of featured products or services, a website URL and contact info. The display background can be a solid colour, graphics or high-resolution photograph. Graphics, photos and text can be printed on cloth or sturdy, water resistant vinyl-coated mesh. Sandbox Signs can make your pop-up display signage come to life.

Table Top Tradeshow Signs

Table top tradeshow signs, as the name implies, stand on your tradeshow table. Table top signs can be a “pop-up sign” or may be placed on a table top easel. Whereas your tradeshow pop-up display or booth is generally about your company, the table top sign usually showcases a featured product or service. Because the area for design is smaller, marketing messages are usually kept to necessities, such as a featured product photo and features, or service and benefits. Contact information may also be present. Sandbox Signs can create custom table top signs or work with your pop-up table top size to create a graphic that fits. Like the pop-up display, graphics, photos and text may be printed on cloth or vinyl-coated mesh surface.

Tradeshow Banners

The tradeshow banner is used to get the attention of visitors from a distance. Because banners can be hoisted aloft, several feet above the crowd, they can be seen from across the tradeshow floor. Check the event’s tradeshow signage rules before using tradeshow banners. There may be restrictions on the size, height and placement of hanging banners. For example, you may only be permitted to affix a banner to the top of your booth or limited to using freestanding banners. Tradeshow banners may contain graphics, font and photographic backgrounds and can be printed on cloth or vinyl. The main benefit of a banner is its portability. They can be rolled up or folded and are lightweight and easy to carry. Freestanding banners may also be used as your main tradeshow signage, in place of a booth, or, they can be placed on either side of your tradeshow table.

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Contact Sandbox Signs for more information about tradeshow signs or submit a free sign estimate form. We recommend a package that includes the primary tradeshow signs discussed above: pop-up sign, table top sign and tradeshow banner.