Banner Signs

Cloth or vinyl banners are retail sales marketing tools that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in spring and summer months with more people out and about. Banners have many uses, can be used both indoors and outdoors, are portable and easily stored. Banners are also inexpensive compared to the cost of other forms of signage and display advertising.

Vinyl banners offer versatility and economy for budget-conscious business owners. Vinyl banners are a frequently misunderstood type of sign. The word “banner” is what causes most confusion and brings to mind “pennant banners” bearing the name of a sports team or flapping in the breeze on the perimeter of a used car lot. Pennants are banners but not all banners are pennants!

If you own a Vancouver bar, choosing the right bar signs and wall murals can create a distinctive atmosphere, boost brand visibility and marketing reach, and provide “silent customer service”. A bar without signs is “just another bar”, while a bar with thoughtfully designed and executed signage stands out from the crowd.

Whether you are a business consultant, a doctor or dentist, or an insurance agent, banners in your Vancouver office can drive more business by advertising services, packages, and other offerings to a captive audience. Banks do it right. When you enter a bank, not only will you see signs about services, account interest rates and mortgages on exterior windows, you'll see banner signs in waiting areas, placed near the teller cue and waiting areas, and office signs in every office. Why? Bank marketing managers understand that customers waiting in line or a waiting area are the perfect marketing audience. Not only are they a captive audience, they are already customers! This fact isn't taken lightly by marketing teams. They know that it is less costly and easier to sell something to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer. Any business with offices or a waiting area can employ the same marketing strategy.

If you're considering event signage for a Vancouver area trade show, vinyl banners are a must. Not all event signs are created equally, though. If you search online for "event signage" or "trade show banners" you'll see that there is a myriad of choices. From printing techniques to materials, sizes and stands, there is much to consider. That's why so many customers come to Sandbox Signs + Graphics for vinyl event signage. We'll help you narrow the field of choices and guide you to the solution(s) that best suit your business and will attract your prospective customers.

If you haven't considered vinyl banners for your Vancouver business, this article will explain why they are a great choice for the Lower Mainland's wet weather. Versatile, cost-effective and weatherproof, vinyl banners deserve much more respect than they get. Businesses often think of banners as "cheap" (as in cheap looking and cheaply made), but this is far from reality when vinyl banners are created by Sandbox Signs + Graphics.

One thing is certain, whether your dealership sells cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, or watercraft, the right dealership signs can make a significant difference to your business. From your main business signage, to specialty signs such as banners and displays, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has provided expert signage consulting and installation services to Vancouver and BC area dealerships for over 20 years.

There's a very good reason that Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created so many banners for Vancouver and Lower Mainland businesses. Banners are flexible. When some business owners think of signage, banners are usually not the first thing that comes to mind. They may mistakenly believe that the banner is something you only see flapping in the wind above a car sales lot or hanging from street lamps on many of Vancouver’s streets. Yes, those are banners, however, they don’t demonstrate the many ways in which banners are used by Vancouver retailers and businesses. Once a business starts using banners, they become a go-to solution for a variety of sales and promotion scenarios. Retail businesses love banners because they: Are usually more affordable than other types of signage. Can be made in a variety of sizes to suit many needs. Are lightweight and portable. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Are effective...