Banner Signs: Grand Openings, Sales & Events Depend on Them

Retail store front banner signage

Banner Signs: Grand Openings, Sales & Events Depend on Them

Over the years, we’ve created countless banners for Vancouver businesses. At Sandbox Signs + Graphics, we love banner signs and think they should get more recognition than they do for their versatility, cost effectiveness and impact.

Banners for Vancouver Grand Openings

Probably the single most effective use of banners in Vancouver is for marketing a business’s grand opening. If you are opening a retail store, restaurant, nightclub, or nearly any other business, you probably need banner signs. As a one-time-use sign, banners are perfect. You don’t want to break the bank on signage that you may use for only a few weeks, yet, you need signage that looks professional. Banners cost less than other forms of signage, are light weight and can be made in large sizes to be seen from a distance.

Banner signs can be used both indoors and outdoors and typically come in two primary types of material: cloth and vinyl. Cloth banners are typically used indoors, whereas vinyl banners, often referred to as “scrim vinyl” are mainly used outdoors because they are weatherproof and durable. Banners take ink well and can be printed with vibrant colours, clear fonts, branding, graphics and photographic backgrounds.

Banners Signs for Retail Sales Promotion

When your retail business is having a sale, the name of the game is visibility. This is particularly true if your store faces the street. If you are on a busy street, thousands of motorists likely drive by your store daily. If you are having a sale and don’t have one (or several) outdoor banners facing street traffic, you are missing a huge audience. In what other situation are you able to advertise to so many for so little money? Outdoor sales banners cost a fraction of print, radio and TV advertising and yet can have similar impact in a local market. Consider this: people often drive the same route to and from work, so they may see your sale banner twice every day. If 10,000 commuters drive by your store to and from work each day, your banner sign has a potential reach of 20,000 daily “impressions”. In one week, your store sale banner could be seen 140,000 times. How much would you spend to advertise to a similar audience in print, radio or TV?

Banners for Events

If you attend trade shows and other events in Vancouver, banners are like a trade show attendees marketing multi-tool. Both cloth and vinyl banners can be used for your booth, backed with Velcro so they can be easily affixed to and conform to its shape. They can also be attached to freestanding banners stands and placed strategically to face trade show aisles. Once you have people at your trade show booth, use table top banners to reinforce your marketing message.

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If you are looking for banners in Vancouver, receive a free banner sign consultation and estimate from Sandbox Signs, a trusted Vancouver sign shop since 1994. We will be happy to discuss your goals and create the right banner product for your business needs.