How to Use Banners for Vancouver Restaurant and Pub Marketing

Restaurant, cafe and pub banners and signs

How to Use Banners for Vancouver Restaurant and Pub Marketing

If you are considering cafe or restaurant signs for your Vancouver food or beverage service business, you’ll quickly see there are many choices. Whether you own a pub, cafe or full-service restaurant, banners are an economical choice for marketing or advertising.

Anyone who owns an eatery (or pub) will tell you how important visibility is to their business. Location, of course, is paramount, and being seen runs a close second. Vancouver restaurants face a lot of competition. Anything you can do to increase the visibility of your brand and your location(s) will benefit your business.

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Restaurant and Pub Banner Signs

Banners are an important addition to your restaurant or pub sign collection. Use them anywhere you want to increase visibility. Because banners can be nearly any size and contain vivid graphics, colours and lettering, they’ll likely be noticed even before your restaurant branding.

What you can advertise on restaurant or pub banners:

  • Your main restaurant or pub branding:
    Because banners can be mounted on buildings, they can be used as your main signage. They are generally more affordable than other forms of signage and have a unique, modern appeal.
  • “Opening” or “Now Open” banners for newly established restaurants.
  • Dinner specials (with price and date).
  • Happy hour specials (with price, time and days).
  • Events (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Sports)

Where to use restaurant and pub banners

  • On the building’s exterior or awnings: either draped on or hung from the awning or mounted to the exterior surface.
  • Outdoor or indoor parkades: depending on parkade rules, you may be able to hang a pub or restaurant banner sign near the parkade stairwell or elevator entrance. Parkade banners can show guests where to park and get noticed by people who are in the parkade visiting other businesses.
  • Curb-side: depending on the rules of your restaurant or pub property, you may be able to place banner signs near the sidewalk. You’ll often see curb-side banners on the perimeter of outdoor parking lots. If your restaurant or pub has a parking lot that sits at an intersection, use two banners and face them toward each street at the intersection.
  • Inside: banners can also be used indoors. Inside your restaurant or pub, use smaller banner signs to advertise specials and events.

Cafe Signs

Vancouver cafe’s, like restaurants, are often located in busy commercial areas where there is a lot of competition. Banners are useful for cafe signs because they are affordable, portable, and can be used in a variety of situations.

How to use cafe signs and banners:

  • As your main business signage mounted on the building.
  • As “Now Open” or “Open” signage.
  • To advertise main menu items in cafe lineups:
    A freestanding menu banner can be placed near the cafe entrance so people see it immediately. Because your main menu board may not be readable until a patron is near the front of the cash register lineup, a freestanding banner allows them to see specials or even the entire menu while they are waiting in line. This saves customers frustration and saves you time.
  • To advertise specials inside and outside the cafe.
    Small banners can be used to advertise breakfast and lunch specials. Cafe special banners can be placed on freestanding frames, hung near entrances, on windows or awnings.

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