Cloth or Vinyl Banners for Spring or Summer Retail Sales

Retail store front banner signage

Cloth or Vinyl Banners for Spring or Summer Retail Sales

Cloth or vinyl banners are retail sales marketing tools that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in spring and summer months with more people out and about. Banners have many uses, can be used both indoors and outdoors, are portable and easily stored. Banners are also inexpensive compared to the cost of other forms of signage and display advertising.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics has provided cloth and vinyl banner design and printing services to Vancouver area retailers since 1994. View our banner photo gallery.

The following is a brief primer on banners and when to choose cloth or vinyl to promote your store sales.

What is a Vinyl Banner?

Vinyl banners are made from a type of vinyl called “scrim”. Scrim is a mesh of strong polyester cord embedded in a vinyl backing, making the banner durable and weatherproof. Colours printed on vinyl banners are more vibrant compared to colours printed on cloth. Lettering is also more vivid and crisp when printed on vinyl.

Though scrim vinyl banners cost more than cloth banners, because they may be used both outdoors and indoors they give you more options for placement.

Vinyl banners are most often use for:

  • Outdoor retail promotions
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Grand openings
  • Roadside advertising
  • Outdoor events

What is a Cloth Banner?

Cloth or “fabric” banners are often made of cotton or polyester. They are lightweight, affordable, and look great (though not as vibrant as vinyl). While they are usually used indoors, they can be used outdoors if it’s not raining or snowing. Keep in mind that colours may fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Cloth banners are most often used for:

  • In-store sales advertising
  • Window or wall displays
  • Indoor trade shows

Should I Choose Vinyl or Cloth?

Ask yourself the following questions to decide whether cloth or vinyl banners are best for your needs:

Do you want to use the banner both indoors and outdoors?
If so, choose vinyl. If you are only going to use the banner indoors, choose cloth.

Do you want maximum visual impact?
If so, choose vinyl. Colour, fonts and photos are more vibrant and eye-catching when printed on vinyl.

Are you trying to keep costs down yet still want the benefits of using banners for retail promotion?
If you are trying to minimize costs and will only use the banner in you store, choose cloth. While colours, photos and fonts aren’t as vivid when printed on cloth, they still look great and will be noticed.

Will you reuse the banner next spring and summer?
If the banner is for a one-time sale or event, cloth would be more cost effective.

Whether you use cloth or vinyl banners, both are portable and easy to store. For safe storage, always roll the banner and store it in a tube. Never fold a banner! Doing so may cause permanent creases. Store the banner in a room with moderate temperature and humidity to prevent mildew that can damage banner material and inks.

Ask Sandbox Signs About Banners for Spring and Summer Retail Promotions

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