Outdoor Vinyl Banners: Versatile, Economical, Impactful

Banner on Vancouver storefront

Outdoor Vinyl Banners: Versatile, Economical, Impactful

Vinyl banners offer versatility and economy for budget-conscious business owners. Vinyl banners are a frequently misunderstood type of sign. The word “banner” is what causes most confusion and brings to mind “pennant banners” bearing the name of a sports team or flapping in the breeze on the perimeter of a used car lot. Pennants are banners but not all banners are pennants!

What makes a sign a banner, whether it’s an indoor cloth banner or outdoor vinyl banner, are three key things: 1) the banner material; 2) the surface upon which graphics are printed, and 3) the method of displaying the sign. For outdoor vinyl signs, the banner material of choice is known as “scrim vinyl”. Scrim vinyl is constructed in two laminated layers: a layer of polyester cord (the “scrim” that gives the banner its strength) and a polyethylene vinyl coating (the water-resistance surface upon which graphics are printed). Banners are usually displayed by hanging them in one of two ways: on a banner stand or from grommets (metal rings) built into the corners of the banner. Cloth banners, the indoor cousin of outdoor vinyl banners, are made of fabric – most often a blend of polyester and nylon.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics has been creating vinyl banners for Vancouver and Burnaby businesses since 1994.

The Economy & Versatility of Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are typically cheaper than other forms of signs, although “cheap” doesn’t mean cheaply made. Many business signs use more expensive materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and dyed translucent or opaque acrylic. These types of signs are usually not portable and are semi-permanent – they’re installed on a building or business entrance or interior and remain in place for many years.

Whether you use a banner indoors or outdoors, choosing a vinyl over cloth provides more bang for the buck. Cloth banners can only be used indoors and while they have many uses, they don’t wear as well as vinyl. Outdoor vinyl signs may be used both outdoors and indoors. They’re durable and stand up to weather, handling, and storage for much longer than cloth.

Vinyl banners are most often used for:

  • Primary outdoor business signage
  • At tradeshows and events
  • Retail sales advertising

Outdoor vinyl banner for yoga studio in Vancouver Vinyl banners on stands

Vinyl banners may be used both outdoors and indoors.

The Impact of Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners can be nearly any size and although they are most often rectangular, they can be trimmed to nearly any shape. Vinyl also takes ink very well compared to fabric. Inks printed on vinyl are crisp and vivid. Photographs and graphics used in design have a lot of depth and colours are vibrant. Text is easily read from afar.

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If you have questions about indoor or outdoor vinyl banners for your Vancouver or Burnaby business, please contact us. Sandbox Signs + Graphics provides free consultations and estimates. Our team provides complete outdoor vinyl sign services including design and installation. We can also work closely with your creative team or designer, ensuring that your vinyl banners are created to your exact specifications.