Using Promo and Display Banners for Vancouver Stores – Part 1, Retail Banners and Uses

Using Promo and Display Banners for Vancouver Stores – Part 1, Retail Banners and Uses

There’s a very good reason that Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created so many banners for Vancouver and Lower Mainland businesses. Banners are flexible. When some business owners think of signage, banners are usually not the first thing that comes to mind. They may mistakenly believe that the banner is something you only see flapping in the wind above a car sales lot or hanging from street lamps on many of Vancouver’s streets. Yes, those are banners, however, they don’t demonstrate the many ways in which banners are used by Vancouver retailers and businesses.

Once a business starts using banners, they become a go-to solution for a variety of sales and promotion scenarios.

Retail businesses love banners because they:

  1. Are usually more affordable than other types of signage.
  2. Can be made in a variety of sizes to suit many needs.
  3. Are lightweight and portable.
  4. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  5. Are effective in a variety of situations, including: indoor and outdoor sales and promotions, point of sale promos, events and tradeshows.

Types of Banners and Uses

There are 4 main types of banners used by Vancouver retailers:

Hanging banners
Hanging banners are used both indoors and outdoors. They can be attached to metal mounts and be used as main business signage, hung with a cord, or attached to walls or fences. In a retail setting, you’ll often see hanging banners used in storefront windows to advertise sales or promotions. Occasionally, hanging banners may also be used for events and tradeshows, hung high above a business’s tradeshow booth so they are noticed from a distance.

Pop-up banners
Pop-up banners unfold to an open, standing position. The simple, mechanical stand, works somewhat like a camera tripod. The frame may come in a small carrying bag and assembly usually takes a matter of minutes. The pop-up banner’s portability makes them perfect for events and tradeshow, though they are also used in retail settings. Retailers may use pop-up banners for point-of-sale advertising or in front of their stores in a mall setting.

Retractable banners
Retractable banners work much like an old home-movie screen or slide projector screen. The banner retracts into a base. The banner top is attached to a horizontal aluminum hanger. To set up the banner, first you attach a vertical pole to the back of the base, then pull the horizontal hanging mechanism and hook it onto the top of the pole. Setup takes seconds. Retractable banners fit in a small case. Portability, light weight, and ease of set up make retractable banners a good choice for tradeshows and events. In retail settings, they work well for product or point-of-sale advertising in the store; or when in a mall setting, in front of the store.

Table-top banners
Table-top banners are smaller and often in used in tradeshow or event settings. Table-top banners may use a pop-up mechanism or retract into a base. They can also be as simple as foam-core mounted banner and an easel-style base.

Next month, read part 2 of this post. We’ll provide tips for effective retail banner design and banner choices.

Need Banners for Your Vancouver Retail Store?

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