Retail Banners for Vancouver Street-Facing Stores, Part 1 – Cloth vs. Vinyl Banners

Banners for Vancouver retailers

Retail Banners for Vancouver Street-Facing Stores, Part 1 – Cloth vs. Vinyl Banners

If you run a street-facing store and are considering purchasing retail signage, read on to find out about banners for Vancouver and BC retailers. Banners are a versatile, economical choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Banners are used for much more than car lots and can fulfill nearly every signage and marketing need for street-facing retailers.

What is a Banner?

Banners are typically constructed of cloth or scrim vinyl.  Cloth banners are primarily used indoors. For the outdoors, scrim vinyl is a better choice that will withstand Vancouver’s often wet weather. Scrim vinyl banners have a polyester mesh interior coated with durable, water-impermeable vinyl.

Where and how the banner is used will dictate whether to choose cloth or vinyl. Vinyl, because it is waterproof, durable, and has a more rigid structure, can be used both indoors and outdoors, whereas cloth banners are rarely used outdoors.

Whether you use cloth or vinyl banners for your Vancouver storefront, the following features are common to both:

  • Can be cut to nearly any shape though rectangular banners or triangular pendants are common.
  • Include a reinforced edge and grommets for hanging.
  • Can be printed with vibrant colours, photos, designs and text.

Pros of Vinyl Banners

  • Durable and long lasting. Great banners for Vancouver retailers who want to re-use the banners for years to come.
  • The right choice for outdoor use and can also be used indoors.
  • Can be printed with UV-protective coatings that withstand fading.
  • Can be printed on both sides.
  • Colours tend to look more vivid and photos look sharper.
  • Great for outdoor business signs, sales signs and event signage.
  • Because vinyl banners are more rigid than cloth, they also work well for larger, free-standing tradeshow displays.

Cons of Vinyl Banners

  • Size being equal, vinyl banners are heavier than cloth.
  • Should be rolled, not folded, therefore they take up some space.
  • Care must be taken in transporting vinyl banners because they crease more easily than cloth banners.
  • Vinyl banners cost more than cloth banners.

Pros of Cloth Banners

  • Cloth banners are lighter weight than vinyl banners.
  • Can be folded if needed though for optimal care rolling is recommended.
  • Creases are less noticeable and can be ironed out.
  • Easier to transport.
  • Cost less than vinyl banners.

Cons of Cloth Banners

  • Less durable than vinyl.
  • Should only be used indoors.
  • Because they are lightweight, the surface may not hang as “flat” as vinyl and you may see undulations (waves) in the fabric.

Read part 2 of this article where we discuss types of retail banners for Vancouver street-facing stores and provide pointers for banner design planning.

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