Vancouver Event Signage. Why Vinyl Banners are the Best Choice

Freestanding trade show banner

Vancouver Event Signage. Why Vinyl Banners are the Best Choice

If you’re considering event signage for a Vancouver area trade show, vinyl banners are a must. Not all event signs are created equally, though. If you search online for “event signage” or “trade show banners” you’ll see that there is a myriad of choices. From printing techniques to materials, sizes and stands, there is much to consider. That’s why so many customers come to Sandbox Signs + Graphics for vinyl event signage. We’ll help you narrow the field of choices and guide you to the solution(s) that best suit your business and will attract your prospective customers.

When we speak of “event signs”, we are often talking about trade show banners – whether hanging or free standing. Where material is concerned, vinyl is usually the best choice, whether you are using the banner indoors or outdoors. Vinyl banners are much more durable than cloth banners, are waterproof, take ink well and can be printed on both sides. While you may pay a little more for vinyl event signage – and they are a little heavier than cloth when rolled – the benefits of long-lasting signage cannot be overstated.

If you frequently attend trade shows, you’ll find that cloth banners tend to wear out. Creases, wrinkles, discolouration and even tears can be an issue if you use cloth banners frequently. Vinyl solves all of these “wear ‘n tear”  problems. You’ll use your vinyl signs for many years and will have the peace of mind that their durability brings. If you’ve ever arrived at a Vancouver trade show with an old cloth banner and unrolled it, only to find the fabric torn around the grommets, you’ll appreciate the toughness of vinyl event signage!

Benefits of Vinyl Event Signage

  • Weatherproof
  • Windproof
  • Durable
  • Colour is vibrant and saturated
  • May be used indoors and outdoors
  • May be used for all trade show signage applications: trade show booth skins and free- standing banners (retractable, “L” banner stands, “X” banner stands, pop-up, table top, or hanging).

Questions to Ask When Considering Vinyl Event Signage

The experts at Sandbox Signs will help you determine the type of event signage you require. Because there are so many choices and sizes, a thorough consultation is required before we create and print vinyl banners.

Some of the questions we ask include:

Where will the signage be used, indoor or outdoor?
Where your banner will be used will help determine its scale, material and hanging or standing system.

What is the banner’s function?
Is the vinyl banner for an event, trade show, retail sales or in-office signage?

What size of banner do you require?
The size of the banner will determine required resolution, printing material and hanging system.

Are you using photographic backgrounds, graphics or a combination of both?
The type of graphics used will determine the required smoothness of the substrate.

Will it be used frequently?
Frequency of use will help us determine the best material. If you use your banners often, they need to withstand the rigorous of travel, and constant set up and break down.

Receive a Free Vinyl Event Signage Consultation

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