The Versatile Banner Sign – Unsung Hero of Affordable Signage

An affordable banner sign for a Vancouver business

The Versatile Banner Sign – Unsung Hero of Affordable Signage

If you stroll downtown streets, you’ll likely notice just how many banner signs grace Vancouver storefronts and business entrances. They are plentiful and of infinite variety. The variety of design, materials, shapes, and colours used to create this form of affordable signage is rather amazing. You may not think of them as “signs”, or even consider the design and craft that goes into the creation of a custom cloth or vinyl banner for a Vancouver business. There is, however, more to the banner than meets the eye.

Banners Deserve More Respect

Banner signage doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It just might be the most flexible, portable, noticeable (if well designed), and cost-effective form of signage available.

The reality is that banners may be the last type of sign a business considers for their retail or office storefront. If you happen to be looking for a business sign, you might think of awning signage, a sandwich board, window signs or perhaps even 3D signs to get the attention of passersby, but vinyl banners are likely going to be last on your list.

Why? It may be that people think of the banner as a lesser, or “nice-to-have” sign, as compared to those made of more substantial materials like metal, wood or plastic. The fact that they are typically made of scrim vinyl may make people think they are of low quality, but this is far from the truth.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics would like to change how people perceive the humble banner. In defense of this underrated form of affordable signage, we make our case, hoping to “raise the banner high” (pun intended) in the minds of Vancouver sign consumers. The next time you’re in the market for a sign, consider banner signage.

Here’s why banner signs are awesome:

Banners Signs Are Affordable

If you compare the cost of custom-designed banners to custom metal, plastic, and wood signs, awning signage or 3D signs, there is no comparison. You do, of course, get what you pay for, so a well-designed banner may not be pennies, but, they do cost much less than many other forms of traditional signage.

Think Outside the Triangle

When you think of banners, you might think of elongated triangle form like college pennant (Go team!) or plastic, neon-coloured banners flapping in a row on a used car lot. While pennant banners have their purpose, time and place, they are just the tip of iceberg when it comes to banner design possibilities. While a rectangular-shaped banners is the most common, a banner can take on many other forms.

Banners are Tougher Than They Appear

Banners are like the Bruce Lee of the signage world. They are small in stature but deliver a wallop for their size! A scrim vinyl banner with quality ink, tough hanging grommets and reinforcement will last many years. They can withstand all that Vancouver’s quickly-changing weather can throw at them.

Don’t Like Last Year’s Banner? Change it Up!

Banners are easily removed unlike some other forms of signage that are a little more permanent. If you grow tired of the design, want to try something new, or even want to change their location, you can, and with ease.

Banner Signage is Versatile

Whether you want a banner sign for a Vancouver business’s main business signage (attached to the building), office storefront, inside a retail shop, or at a tradeshow, banners are an affordable sign choice. Banners can be used indoors and outdoors. Although they usually hang, they can also be free standing and used as floor displays.

Banners Are a Graphic Designer’s Dream

There is no real limit to banner design. Like other forms of signage, banners can incorporate high resolution graphics and photos, virtually any colours, and any style of lettering.

Have a Banner Year!

Check out our Vancouver banner gallery to get an idea of the many ways they can be used.

If this article has convinced you that a banner sign for your Vancouver or Lower Mainland business may be the right choice, contact us or request a quote for banner design and printing. We’d be happy discuss all of the options available, and how Sandbox Signs can make it a banner year for your business!