Vinyl Banners are Vancouver’s Perfect Outdoor Sign Choice

A banner as business main entrance sign

Vinyl Banners are Vancouver’s Perfect Outdoor Sign Choice

If you haven’t considered vinyl banners for your Vancouver business, this article will explain why they are a great choice for the Lower Mainland’s wet weather. Versatile, cost-effective and weatherproof, vinyl banners deserve much more respect than they get. Businesses often think of banners as “cheap” (as in cheap looking and cheaply made), but this is far from reality when vinyl banners are created by Sandbox Signs + Graphics. As with any sign, the resulting quality is dependent on the choice of materials and design. Banner signs (vinyl or cloth) can be beautiful works of art and finely crafted marketing pieces.

The Versatility of Vinyl Banners

While most of us have seen banners around Vancouver vehicle sales lots, the classic pendant banner rippling and flapping in the breeze is just one type – and has its place – but vinyl banners are used for so much more.

You’ll find them used outdoors for:

Main business signage
Vinyl banners are a modern, cost-effective and attractive alternative to typical Vancouver business signage. They can be affixed to a building exterior with mounting brackets or hung from awnings or other structures. More and more businesses are choosing vinyl banners because they are durable, versatile, and often less costly than more traditional forms of business signage.

Outdoor retail sale signage
Advertise sales, promotions and events on durable, attractive vinyl banners. Vinyl signs can be free standing or mounted. They are a durable, long-lasting choice that will withstand weather and provide service to your Vancouver business for years to come.

Outdoor or indoor displays
If you attend outdoor or indoor events or shows or need outdoor signage for your Vancouver retail store or business, think “vinyl”. Advertise your business products and services, sales and promos.

Property development perimeter fence signage
While your development is under construction, use the perimeter fence to display vinyl banners advertising the development company, project stakeholders, architectural renderings of the development, or advertisements for the display center. Vinyl banners are long lasting, tough, and get noticed!

Why Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl looks great!
Vinyl is durable, long-lasting material that not only withstands Vancouver’s wet weather, but also provides an excellent surface for full-colour digital printing. Colours printed on vinyl banners are much more vibrant, saturated and rich compared to colours printed on cloth banners. Whether you want full colour graphics and photos, text, or a combination of the two, you can do it with vinyl!

Vinyl banners are made for outdoors and can be used indoors, too!
Vinyl or more correctly “scrim vinyl” is constructed of a polyester mesh coated with tough, water-impermeable vinyl. Scrim vinyl signs stand up to heavy rain and strong wind. Though they are meant for outdoor use, if you want long lasting durability that you won’t get from cloth banners, scrim vinyl is the right choice.

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