With event season just around the corner, many Vancouver companies have already started tradeshow signage design. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has been creating tradeshow signs and displays for Vancouver area companies for years and we’ve seen a lot of different designs – some good and some that could have used a trip back to the drawing board. With that in mind, we thought we’d share common design mistakes we've seen over the years.

If your Vancouver area business has fleet vehicles, there are several types of transportation signs that you may want to consider: vehicle graphics (decals), magnetic signs, vinyl-cut lettering and vehicle wraps. If you’re wondering how to choose the most appropriate kind of vehicle sign, see “What Type of Fleet Vehicle Signs Do I Need?” below. First, the following provides a brief overview of the types of signs available.

If you run a Vancouver café or restaurant, restaurant signs are a given, but which signs get the most mileage when it comes to increasing sales? The following is an overview of signs that every “sit-down” restaurant, café and food court restaurant should consider using. As a bonus, they’re economical choices, too!

If you run a small business in Vancouver, banners and business posters are a versatile and cost-effective way of meeting your signage needs. Small businesses need signs for many reasons; from exterior entrance signage and office signs, to sale and tradeshow signage. If you are operating on a tight budget, you’ll be glad to know that business signs don’t have to break the bank, and, though economical, banners and posters can be just as eye-catching as other forms of business signs.

Vancouver real estate signage isn’t limited to “For Sale” signs. Long before a property development is completed, pre-sales marketing efforts focus on showcasing real estate that only exists in two-dimensional representations or small models. Convincing a potential buyer to make a considerable investment without showing them the actual property requires the right sales tools.Would you buy a car by looking at picture or graphic? Probably not, but property buyers do it every day. It’s real estate signage and wall murals that Vancouver sales agents depend on as key items in their bag of tricks.

If you own a Vancouver bar, choosing the right bar signs and wall murals can create a distinctive atmosphere, boost brand visibility and marketing reach, and provide “silent customer service”. A bar without signs is “just another bar”, while a bar with thoughtfully designed and executed signage stands out from the crowd.

If you own a restaurant in Vancouver, wall murals are a design element that you may want to consider. Wall murals create ambience inside restaurants, cafés, bakeries and other establishments where food and beverages are sold. They can be subtle, photographic and realistic, or abstract. Wall murals can be designed to suit your restaurant’s interior design style and palette. What’s more, wall murals can serve more than one function. Murals can be decorative, functional, or both, also serving menu boards or information/directional signage.