Window film is a cost-effective means of adding an interesting design element and/or privacy to otherwise unadorned glass. It comes in a variety of faux finishes, can be used on windows or glass doors, and is far less costly than acid-etched glass.

When you think of wall murals, your mind may conjure up faded fresco paintings adorning the walls of 70s Italian restaurants, or massive murals painted on the sides of buildings in a number of BC towns. While there are hand-painted murals, in office interior design, wall murals are a graphic instead of paint, and instead of being painted directly on the wall, the graphic design is printed on thin pressure-activated adhesive-backed film.

Wall graphics are often overlooked in office interior design - probably because people don’t think of them, or consider where and how they can be utilized. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created countless wall graphics for offices over the years for businesses in Greater Vancouver that want an easy way to bring eye catching design to otherwise blank walls

Property signs are an important marketing and communication tool for businesses at any time, and now that Phase 3 of BC’s Restart Plan has begun, they are more important than ever. Businesses need a means of communicating their reopening and requirements to their customers.