It’s hard to imagine a world without property signs and building signs. They are important and ubiquitous for good reason. Yet, sometimes their importance is ignored or misunderstood. If you’ve ever faced frustration and confusion while trying to find a building address, an office or store within, public restroom, parking or exits, it’s likely because of a lack of a signage or ill-conceived signage.

Most people don’t associate wall murals with Vancouver professional services companies. Murals conjure up images of the Sistine Chapel, large-scale paintings on the sides of buildings, or scenes of quaint villages painted on the plaster walls of old-world restaurants. While those are good examples, murals have a much broader range of applications.

Now that instances of COVID-19 are decreasing in BC, social distancing signs and other prevention measures will help businesses safely reopen. Before reopening, BC businesses must implement a COVID-19 Safety Plan (view WorkSafe BC guidelines) to help prevent the spread of the virus. While social distancing signage and safety measures can help reinforce the “new rules”, signs also help to put your customers at ease.  Signage and safety measures will give your customers confidence that your business is taking steps to protect them, reducing anxiety about being in your place of business.

With event season just around the corner, many Vancouver companies have already started tradeshow signage design. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has been creating tradeshow signs and displays for Vancouver area companies for years and we’ve seen a lot of different designs – some good and some that could have used a trip back to the drawing board. With that in mind, we thought we’d share common design mistakes we've seen over the years.