Property development signage is an easy and cost-effective way for Vancouver development and construction companies to advertise during a build. From ground breaking to opening, in a busy city like Vancouver, development signs will be seen by thousands or tens of thousands of motorists and pedestrians per week. A construction site perimeter is the perfect canvas for low-cost advertising that gets noticed.

If you are considering using contractor signs in Vancouver, you need to know some basics about effective trades signage. As an exercise, take a drive around Vancouver or anywhere in the Lower Mainland and look for trades signs on buildings, construction sites, and on boulevards and lawns in residential neighbourhoods. Make a mental note of the signage that stands out. You’ll find there are a few similarities.

Office privacy film (tinted, etched or frosted) is changing Vancouver offices for the better. In the old days, if you needed privacy in your office, you resorted to cubicles, partitions, windowless offices or costly etched glass. Office privacy often meant giving up an open feeling in your office and walling off employees. While privacy may have been achieved, it was cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Privacy window film is making privacy, cost savings, increased productivity and aesthetics easier to attain.

Whether you are a business consultant, a doctor or dentist, or an insurance agent, banners in your Vancouver office can drive more business by advertising services, packages, and other offerings to a captive audience. Banks do it right. When you enter a bank, not only will you see signs about services, account interest rates and mortgages on exterior windows, you'll see banner signs in waiting areas, placed near the teller cue and waiting areas, and office signs in every office. Why? Bank marketing managers understand that customers waiting in line or a waiting area are the perfect marketing audience. Not only are they a captive audience, they are already customers! This fact isn't taken lightly by marketing teams. They know that it is less costly and easier to sell something to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer. Any business with offices or a waiting area can employ the same marketing strategy.

If you're considering event signage for a Vancouver area trade show, vinyl banners are a must. Not all event signs are created equally, though. If you search online for "event signage" or "trade show banners" you'll see that there is a myriad of choices. From printing techniques to materials, sizes and stands, there is much to consider. That's why so many customers come to Sandbox Signs + Graphics for vinyl event signage. We'll help you narrow the field of choices and guide you to the solution(s) that best suit your business and will attract your prospective customers.

There is much more to attending a trade show than standing near your trade show displays, passing out pamphlets and shaking hands. Trade show display materials - freestanding displays, tabletop displays, trade show booth graphics and banners - are basic and vital tools that can mean the difference between a successful trade show and a dismal showing for your company.

Over the years, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created many custom wall murals in Vancouver malls. Wall murals are an effective form of advertising for mall stores and for marketing of the mall itself. Their scale impresses and they’re noticed in a busy mall environment where countless shops compete for consumers' attention.

In the competitive world of trade events, you need a competitive edge, including tradeshow signs. Tradeshow marketing is alive and well, with new participants entering the events arena every year.  According to Statisca’s tradeshow stats, in 2015, 39% of tradeshow visitors were first-time attendees, the highest percentage of new attendees reported in 14 years. Why? Tradeshows are a great avenue to build relationships with potential customers. According the same study, in 2015, 51% of tradeshow attendees planned on buying exhibitor products or services. Tradeshows are a marketing channel that businesses take seriously! With so many businesses attending tradeshows, and so many potential buyers, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created eye-catching, vivid, tradeshow signage for hundreds of businesses that have exhibited at events. We can work with your design team or take the lead – whichever option works best for you.