Vancouver real estate signage isn’t limited to “For Sale” signs. Long before a property development is completed, pre-sales marketing efforts focus on showcasing real estate that only exists in two-dimensional representations or small models. Convincing a potential buyer to make a considerable investment without showing them the actual property requires the right sales tools.Would you buy a car by looking at picture or graphic? Probably not, but property buyers do it every day. It’s real estate signage and wall murals that Vancouver sales agents depend on as key items in their bag of tricks.

If you own a Vancouver bar, choosing the right bar signs and wall murals can create a distinctive atmosphere, boost brand visibility and marketing reach, and provide “silent customer service”. A bar without signs is “just another bar”, while a bar with thoughtfully designed and executed signage stands out from the crowd.

If you own a restaurant in Vancouver, wall murals are a design element that you may want to consider. Wall murals create ambience inside restaurants, cafés, bakeries and other establishments where food and beverages are sold. They can be subtle, photographic and realistic, or abstract. Wall murals can be designed to suit your restaurant’s interior design style and palette. What’s more, wall murals can serve more than one function. Murals can be decorative, functional, or both, also serving menu boards or information/directional signage.

Traditionally, interpretive signs and interpretive displays are used in heritage interpretation to enhance informal learning at parks, heritage sites, monuments, museums, art galleries, and other public attractions. Interpretive signage often combines history, story, graphics, photography and other visual media as a means of drawing the audience in and making communication and learning interesting.

Property development signage is an easy and cost-effective way for Vancouver development and construction companies to advertise during a build. From ground breaking to opening, in a busy city like Vancouver, development signs will be seen by thousands or tens of thousands of motorists and pedestrians per week. A construction site perimeter is the perfect canvas for low-cost advertising that gets noticed.

If you are considering using contractor signs in Vancouver, you need to know some basics about effective trades signage. As an exercise, take a drive around Vancouver or anywhere in the Lower Mainland and look for trades signs on buildings, construction sites, and on boulevards and lawns in residential neighbourhoods. Make a mental note of the signage that stands out. You’ll find there are a few similarities.

Office privacy film (tinted, etched or frosted) is changing Vancouver offices for the better. In the old days, if you needed privacy in your office, you resorted to cubicles, partitions, windowless offices or costly etched glass. Office privacy often meant giving up an open feeling in your office and walling off employees. While privacy may have been achieved, it was cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Privacy window film is making privacy, cost savings, increased productivity and aesthetics easier to attain.

Whether you are a business consultant, a doctor or dentist, or an insurance agent, banners in your Vancouver office can drive more business by advertising services, packages, and other offerings to a captive audience. Banks do it right. When you enter a bank, not only will you see signs about services, account interest rates and mortgages on exterior windows, you'll see banner signs in waiting areas, placed near the teller cue and waiting areas, and office signs in every office. Why? Bank marketing managers understand that customers waiting in line or a waiting area are the perfect marketing audience. Not only are they a captive audience, they are already customers! This fact isn't taken lightly by marketing teams. They know that it is less costly and easier to sell something to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer. Any business with offices or a waiting area can employ the same marketing strategy.