Branding Your Vancouver Company? Think People Not Logos

Branding Your Vancouver Company? Think People Not Logos

Your brand in the end is only as strong as your people. Signs, graphics, logos can only do so much. Your people are critical

When you hear the word “brand” what comes to mind? Big corporations with big ad budgets? Fancy logos and tag lines? These are all part of building a brand there is no question about that. Companies and organizations spend thousands and millions of dollars each year promoting their brands.

Being a Vancouver sign company and graphics business we get calls all the time from companies looking for us to help them with their brand. Signage just like logos and slogans are part of building a brand but there is more too it. You can have the most creative sandwich board outside your retail location or fancy reception sign inside your office. You can even have a portable eye catching banner display or trade show booth at your event but there is one thing that many marketers and business owners ignore or at least put little emphasis on….their people. It is the staff you employee that are critical to your brand and to your success.

As much as I would like to think that a full colour vehicle wrap or graphic can mean increase in sales for your company that is not the always the case. The signage or graphics can definitely bring you the business or sales opportunity but it is your people that will ultimately deliver on the sales end. For example I recently drove by home renovation company truck and trailer that was wrapped with very eye catching graphics. The graphics looked very professional and promoted the brand as a customer service friendly, quick turnaround company. Sounds great if you need some home renovations like I did. I then checked out their website which was also very well done. I called the 1-800 # that was on the truck and left a detailed voice message that I needed some renovations done. Nearly 2 weeks later I still had no response from this company so I decided to email them and phone again. Same result…no response. As nice as the website and the truck graphics were, it was the people that lost this $12,000 job.

How many times have you been at a trade show and walked by company booths that had staff just sitting and texting on their phone or just looking bored? It happens all too much. The creative displays that we offer can bring trade show visitors into your booth but it is you and your people that will make the real impression.

If you are going to spend the money on the outside (ie. signage, logo design, website design) make sure you invest the money on the inside (your people). Ensure that your brand that you have invested so much time and money to build is protected by your people. In the end people don’t really do business with companies they do business with people. Who are you people and are they protecting your brand?