Using Window and Wall Decals, Murals, and Graphics for Your Vancouver Restaurant

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Using Window and Wall Decals, Murals, and Graphics for Your Vancouver Restaurant

Over the years, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created many forms of wall graphics and wall decals for Vancouver restaurants and cafes. Restaurant owners are always on the lookout for ways to create aesthetically pleasing interiors. While aesthetics are important, functionality is something that is often overlooked. Wall decals, wall murals and graphics can achieve both. Decals are a unique and affordable alternative to traditional restaurant signage.

The Many Uses of Decals and Graphics

Wall decals and graphics serve four primary functions in restaurants.

  1. Enhanced, unique interior design
    Decals can be used nearly anywhere. If, when you think of “decals”, your mind goes to your kids’ lunchbox stickers, think again! Window and wall decals can be sophisticated and imaginative works of art — created from virtually any type of graphic. Decals can combine landscape, art, silhouettes, lettering or photographic works. Decals are self-adhesive, impermanent and removable, allowing you to change them up to suit a season, match other interior design changes, freshen up a “tired” look, or advertise an event.
  2. Branding
    Your company logo and other branding elements (such as fonts) can be incorporated into wall decals or graphics. They can be opaque (for walls) or perforated (for windows and glass doors). Perforated decals appear opaque when viewed from the outside, but are see-through when viewed from the inside. Use decals to display your logo and branding on an exterior wall, entrance door, or on an interior wall in the waiting area.
  3. Advertising
    Wall decals can be used as an alternative to standard advertising signage. Use them to advertise events, specials, quotes and slogans. They can be used nearly anywhere you’d use traditional advertising signs: interiors, exteriors, walls and windows.
  4. Wayfinding
    Wall graphics and decals can also serve as wayfinding signage — directing customers to areas of a restaurant, parking, or washrooms. Decals can also adorn your washroom doors or interior walls, giving them a unique character that fits with your design scheme. In large self-service restaurants, decals work well to indicate areas of a menu or self-serve case (e.g. “Soups”, “Sandwiches”, “Burgers”, “Mains”, “Sides”).

That Wall Mural is Probably a Decal

You may not realize it, but when you see a wall mural in a Vancouver restaurant or retail store, it’s often not a painted mural…it’s a decal. Murals are printed on a removable, repositionable vinyl substrate. Though adhesive wall murals may fool you into thinking they’ve been painted, because they are not “handcrafted” works of art, they are much less costly than a hand-painted mural.

As you can see, there are very few limits to where decals and murals can be displayed, and how they are used is only limited by your imagination.

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