Dealership Signs – Get Them Onto the Lot!

Dealership signs in Vancouver

Dealership Signs – Get Them Onto the Lot!

Sandbox Signs + Graphics is a Vancouver dealership sign maker that understands how vital being seen is to owners and managers of new and used vehicle dealers. Seasoned Vancouver dealership managers will tell you just how important auto dealership signs are to vehicle sales. Veterans of the business know that if a customer is on the car lot, you’re 50% of the way to a sale. Getting people onto your vehicle lot, whether you sell cars, trucks, RVs or boats,  is one of the most important factors in determining sales volume. If would-be buyers don’t notice your lot, it’s reflected in sales. If you were to do a foot traffic count and match it with monthly sales figures, you’d see that sales increase proportionately to lot traffic. Though dealership signs or car lot signs won’t close the deal, they will certainly help to open it.

3 Signs that Scream “DEALERSHIP!”

Many potential buyers don’t necessarily plan a trip to a Vancouver vehicle dealership, but  are enticed by car dealership signs they see in their daily commute or while running errands, that become etched into memory. When they decide it’s time to look into buying new or used vehicle, they remember the auto dealerships signs they’ve driven past so many times before, on some Vancouver or Lower Mainland street, thanks to the telltale signs of dealership or car lot: eye-catching banners, a row of street facing car lot flags flapping wildly in the breeze, and sale signs across vehicle windows. They may not know the name of the business they are drawn to, perhaps just the brand(s) being sold, but they know it’s a dealership.

The following three dealership signs will put your car or truck lot in the mind of the consumer:

1. Car Lot Flags

Why do car lots and car dealerships use flags? Because they are noticed and remembered. As in our example above, a person may not remember your dealership company name, but they’ll certainly remember the row of colourful flags. In many case, car lot flags have become a universal symbol of the vehicle sales lot and a homing beacon to would-be vehicle buyers.

Flags are an economical form of dealership sign. They can also be made in a variety of materials including weatherproof vinyl or scrim vinyl. A row of flags hung between poles facing the street in front of your dealership will be noticed.

2. Dealership banners

Pole-hung dealership banners are another form of car lot signage that become imprinted in the minds of would-be vehicle buyers. Google “dealership banners” and you’ll immediately recognize the often vertically oriented pole-hung banner signs with words like “Sale”, “New Arrivals”, “Used”, “Trade-Ins”, “We” “Buy” “Used” “Cars” (placed in a row), and of course vehicle brand names.

Like car lot flags, car lot banners are an indispensable and economical form of dealership signage, and, just like flags, they can be made from durable, weatherproof and windproof vinyl and scrim vinyl.

3. Vehicle window sale signs

Finally, your dealership needs vehicle window signs. They have to be affordable, durable, weatherproof and vibrant. From easily removed stick-down vinyl for make, model, and year to signs that display sale pricing, and financing terms, vehicle window signs are must-have form of dealership sign.

Questions about Dealership Signs for your Vancouver Vehicle Sales Business?

If you’d like to discuss dealership signs for your Vancouver or BC auto sales business, or receive a free dealership signage quote, contact Sandbox Signs. We’re always happy to answer questions and provide a free signage estimate.