Must-Have Dealership Signs

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Must-Have Dealership Signs

One thing is certain, whether your dealership sells cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, or watercraft, the right dealership signs can make a significant difference to your business. From your main business signage, to specialty signs such as banners and displays, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has provided expert signage consulting and installation services to Vancouver and BC area dealerships for over 20 years.

Dealership Business Signage (main lot signage)

Your main dealership sign needs to get the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. The sign should be large enough and eye-catching enough to demand the attention of street traffic. This often means a sign that is several feet wide, 3-dimensional, and sometimes backlit. The main signage lettering should be affixed to the building. Some dealerships have sufficient space above entrances for large signage. A secondary, two-sided, 3D lot sign can be mounted 10-25 feet aloft upon sign poles or a sign pylon. This is the sign that motorists usually see first. Pole and pylon signs are often perpendicular to traffic so they are seen from afar.

Dealership Lot Area Demarcation with Banner Signs

Dealership lots are usually subdivided by model or brand, new, preowned, or sale vehicles. Too often, dealerships neglect using signage to visually demarcate these distinct locations within the lot. This can result in frustration for a would-be customer browsing the vehicle lot. Banner signage is perfect for clearly marking these areas. A banner for each section of your lot allows vehicle shoppers to quickly orient themselves, reducing frustration and guiding them to what they are looking for.

Lot Perimeter Pendant Banners

Pendant signage around a lot perimeter are tried and true dealership signs for good reason: they work! Pendants scream “dealership” to passing motorists and pedestrians. A potential customer may not remember the name of your dealership, even if they pass it daily on their commute, but they will remember the approximate location if you have pendants around the lot perimeter. Pendant signage can be used to advertise brands or models but often they act as a beacon. When people see a row of pendants, they think “dealership”.

Sale or Financing Signage

Sale and financing signage are often the most simple and effective dealership signs in your vehicle marketing arsenal. Sale and financing signage is lightweight and portable. Design and lettering can be printed on waterproof poly-vinyl banners for vehicle windshields or hoods, or can be used in free-standing banner stands.


Effective vehicle lot marketing means using a variety of dealership signs – each serving a different purpose. For vehicle dealers, there isn’t a one-sign fits all solution. The best solution is a combination of single-purpose signs that get your lot noticed, help customers find what they are looking for, or provide valuable information like sale prices, financing and vehicle specifications.

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