Delivery Signs for Cars: Delivery Car Toppers & Other Transportation Signs for Vancouver Restaurants

Photo of delivery car topper

Delivery Signs for Cars: Delivery Car Toppers & Other Transportation Signs for Vancouver Restaurants

There are many types of delivery signs for cars: delivery car toppers, magnetic signs, vehicle decals, and full or partial vehicle wraps. If your Vancouver restaurant does delivery, signs are a must-have accessory, but how do you know which sign works best for your needs? In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each type of transportation sign.

Whatever type of delivery car sign you choose, they can be made of waterproof materials and can contain high resolution graphics, photos, and text. Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has designed and printed hundreds of vehicle signs of all varieties, including those for restaurant vehicles.

Delivery Car Toppers

A delivery car topper is exactly as it sounds; a delivery sign that sits on top of a car. Car toppers may be attached with magnets or straps. Some people choose to place the sign directly on the roof, while others prefer placing it on a roof rack, particularly if they’re concerned about scratching the roof. Car toppers usually have internal lighting powered either by batteries, rechargeable LED lights, or a cord that plugs into your car’s lighter.

Detail photo of delivery car topper

Example of a car topper. The same graphics are printed on the back. The sign can face the front and back as in the photo above or can face sideways, so they are seen more easily by pedestrians. Delivery car topper boxes, racks and lighting availability varies. The car topper in this photo may not be available, though there are many alternatives and we can design and apply graphics to most car toppers.

Pros: Highly visible in the daytime or at night when a lighting system is included.
Cons: Sign sits above the roof of the vehicle and may need to be removed to avoid damage in a car wash or in low parkades, depending on the height of the vehicle.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs have a waterproof vinyl substrate that is magnetized. They are great for driver and passenger-side doors.

Pros: An affordable solution compared to other delivery car signs. Work well if you do daytime deliveries, which may be appropriate for restaurants who do catering services. Signs are easily removed at the end of a shift.
Cons: Not highly visible at night. Don’t have lighting. Fewer choices for placement on the delivery car. Can be stolen if not removed when the driver is away from the vehicle.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals can be cut in any size and shape (limited only by printer size) and like other transportation signs can contain high resolution graphics, photos, and text. Vehicle decals may be printed on magnetized vinyl, although they can also be affixed by static cling.

Pros: Affordable and easily removed. Can be placed on car doors and windows. Good for daytime delivery vehicles. Not expensive to replace.
Cons: Not highly visible at night.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are graphics printed on ultra-thin vinyl that has an adhesive backing. Vehicle wraps have strong visual impact and are often more memorable than other forms of transportation signs. Full vehicle wraps, as the name implies, cover the entire vehicle, while partial wraps may only cover portions of the vehicle, such as the sides or just the hatchback.

Pros: Have strong visual impact. Designs can be more elaborate and often contain a mix of media including photographic backgrounds, graphics, and text. While they work well for daytime delivery, they can also work at night because of the size of the graphics and saturation of colour under streetlights. Some restaurants choose to combine partial vehicle wraps with a delivery car topper.

Cons: The costliest car sign choice. Not easily removed, so should be thought of as permanent.

Photo of vehicle wrap

Example vehicle wrap. Designers can get creative because there is so much room to work with!

Questions About Delivery Car Signs? Talk to the Pros at Sandbox Signs

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