Office Environment Design Tips for Vancouver Businesses

Faux frosted glass and etching privacy film for Vancouver company offices.

Office Environment Design Tips for Vancouver Businesses

Office environment design encompasses several disciplines involved in the planning and design of office and building spaces that work for people (business owners, employees and clients), while helping a company achieve its business goals.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics works with Vancouver and Lower Mainland interior designers and business owners from the environment design planning stages through to implementation.

We provide:

  • Privacy film
  • Wall and window graphics
  • Wall murals
  • 3D signage
  • Wall displays
  • Interactive interpretive signs
  • Wayfinding signs

Environment Design Tips

1) Rethink the office

Environment design always considers how the people using the space can benefit from the experience of design. Good design can enhance customer, visitor and employee experiences by incorporating signage, privacy film, wall and window graphics, murals, 3D visual installations and other displays.

The Gensler Research & Insight U.S. 2016 Workplace Survey reveals just how important innovative office design is to productivity, employee satisfaction and more harmonious management-employee relationships. The study of 4,000 office workers across 11 industries found much higher satisfaction and productivity in companies that employ innovative, employee-centric design.

Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated. The study findings show that simple environment design concepts benefit everyone.

Invest in the Individual

Design usable layouts for comfort, productivity, and efficiency, reduce noise and increase privacy, provide easy access to co-workers and resources.

Diversify for Group Work

Top performers in the survey have access to a variety of workspaces. That might mean a dedicated office, private meeting rooms, and functional, comfortable, casual meeting spaces.

Empower the Work Community with Choices

According the study, workplace improvements are often disproportionately provided to upper management. Improving workplace design for all benefits both leadership and employees, helping drive innovation.

2) Identify problems

When designing office spaces (or updating spaces) brainstorm problems that might be solved by environment design.


Receptionists need privacy but also need to be able interact with clients.
We can help by installing privacy film or window graphics that increase privacy. Privacy film can be etched for a frosted glass effect or designed with custom graphics. We can also ensure that wayfinding signs and informational signage act as “silent customer service” reducing interruptions at the reception desk.

Reception area waiting rooms are visually unappealing and provide no stimulus to visitors.
We can help by installing attractive custom wall murals, wall graphics, or 3D signage.

Reception areas are void of information about services, products, or company history
While visitors are waiting, use the opportunity to say something about what you do or how your business can help them. We can help by creating tabletop displays, wall graphics (or window graphics), company history wall murals, or 3D wall displays.

Employees productivity requires privacy and spaces that encourage collaboration.
We can help by installing custom designed privacy film on meeting room windows. Privacy film reduces distraction while still being open enough that people in meeting rooms don’t feel locked away from others.

The company’s “personality” isn’t present in the design. We can help by incorporating brand colours, logo, wall murals, window graphics, photography, and inspirational quotes.

3) Use simple solutions solve common problems

As you can see, environment design isn’t just about architecture and interior design. You don’t have to redesign your entire office to receive its benefits. Wall and window graphics, privacy film, displays, vinyl lettering, wall murals and strong signage can go a long way in creating an environment that benefits everyone.

Ask Us About Office Environment Design for Your Vancouver Business

If you’re considering redesigning or upgrading your office design and would like to incorporate environment design features that benefit your employees, clients and your bottom line, contact us, or request a quote. Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has helped Vancouver businesses create engaging spaces that work!