Grad Signs and Lawn Signs for BC Virtual Graduations and More

Free standing pennant banners for The Arts Centre in Port Moody

Grad Signs and Lawn Signs for BC Virtual Graduations and More

Grad signs and lawn signs have recently become a popular request at Sandbox Signs + Graphics. Since the most recent orders and restrictions on public indoor and outdoor gatherings from BC’s Public Health Officer, we’re getting a lot of calls. We’ve had clients call from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and other BC communities. The most frequently requested lawn sign is the virtual grad sign.

Because most, if not all, BC schools (elementary, high school and post-secondary) have cancelled in-person ceremonies and opted for virtual graduations instead, grad signs have become more important than ever for mass communication. It’s worth nothing that during the pandemic, when grad signage is requested, it’s often a type of lawn sign, instead of banners (which are a popular type of signage to advertise indoor events and ceremonies).

Schools aren’t the only organizations looking for lawn signs. Community centres, sports and recreation associations, religious services, businesses, trades people, and charities, all have a greater need to get the word out in as many ways as possible. Sometimes these groups want to advertise a COVID-safe event (like a virtual graduation), a specific need or ask (as is the case with charities), or emphasize COVID-related restrictions on their property, work site, or at business office entrances.

What are Lawn Signs?

Lawn signs are usually a type of free standing outdoor sign, often made of weather resistant banner material called “scrim vinyl” or just “scrim”. The signs are most often affixed to a frame that has a weighted base, or can be staked into the ground. Weighted signs are sometimes preferred because they don’t cause damage to landscaped lawns and are more easily moved around the property.

Grad sign

A grad sign in front of a Vancouver home. Grad signs can be staked into the ground or can have a weighted base.

Where Do People Place Lawn Signs?

While lawn signs are placed “on the lawn”, where to locate them on the lawn is a bit of art and science. Here are some good guidelines:

  • Nearest pedestrian traffic or street traffic
    Placing a lawn sign around the street-facing (often also sidewalk-facing) edge of the lawn ensures the sign will be seen by the most people possible.
  • At a business entrance
    This works great for business entrances that have landscaping or a small patch of lawn, directly in front of the business entrance. You don’t need much space to place a highly visible lawn sign.
  • On your home’s lawn
    If you have school-aged children who attend school in your neighbourhood or close by, your home’s lawn is a great way to communicate to others in your neighbourhood about the local school’s events (e.g. a virtual grad).
  • On a property perimeter
    Construction companies are often on large job sites for months or even a year or more. Both lawn signs and banners can be placed around the perimeter of the property, facing the street or at intersections.
  • On the school property’s perimeter
    If you drive by any high school, starting in early spring, you’ll begin to see graduation signs in front of the school, or more precisely, on the street-facing perimeter of the lawn at the school’s front entrance. These grad signs used to promote in-person graduations. Now, they promote the school’s virtual graduation.

Need Lawn or Virtual Grad Signs? Contact Sandbox Signs!

If you need a lawn sign for your organization, business or school, Sandbox Signs can help. We’ve been creating custom lawn signs in Vancouver since 1994. Contact us if you have questions, or request a quote. We’re always happy to talk about signs, materials, and options, and guide our customers to the right choice for their needs.