Leading on the Golf Course

Leading on the Golf Course

Recently we sponsored a golf tournament for the Burnaby Board of Trade. Although our Sandbox Team did not fair very well it was a great day on the links.

Golf is such a great metaphor for our business and our career. Most of us simply go out on the course grab a club we think may work and hit the ball. We don’t often take into account where the hazards are or the distance to the green. When we do this the chances are we will miss our target. If we don’t know ourselves, our game, what we are capable of with each club we get into trouble (ie. we end up water, sand traps, the bushes). Then we are constantly trying to recover from our bad or missed shot. This wastes both time and energy.

However when we know where the water is or the dog leg left is, when we know where we need to go and how to navigate our the course and we are clear on our strengths and our weakness we can then lead with our strengths and manager our weaknesses. We can pick the right club and have the right stance in order to make the right shot… our self reflection allows us to set ourselves up for success… this is what leadership and more importantly self-leadership is all about.

I see business owners picking the wrong club all too often. We have so many areas that we are responsible for we sometimes rush to make a decision without thinking out the end in mind. sLately I see business owners getting carried away with spending a lot of money and time on social networking…..now I understand the importance of the online world it has its place but I think many people spend too much time on it without a real plan and not enough time in and on the areas they need to.

As on the golf course think about where you want to get to and the options available to you… how do they relate to your strengths? Think about what will allow you to be as successful as possible in your specific area… think about your next shot….what club is best for you to use at this time to get you where you want to go….what’s in your way.

When we know ourselves and start to think with the outcome in mind we set ourselves up with the best chance of getting on the green…from there it is a simple tap in.