Marketing Banners for Your Vancouver Office

Marketing Banners for Your Vancouver Office

Whether you are a business consultant, a doctor or dentist, or an insurance agent, banners in your Vancouver office can drive more business by advertising services, packages, and other offerings to a captive audience.

Banks do it right. When you enter a bank, not only will you see signs about services, account interest rates and mortgages on exterior windows, you’ll see banner signs in waiting areas, placed near the teller cue and waiting areas, and office signs in every office. Why? Bank marketing managers understand that customers waiting in line or a waiting area are the perfect marketing audience. Not only are they a captive audience, they are already customers! This fact isn’t taken lightly by marketing teams. They know that it is less costly and easier to sell something to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer. Any business with offices or a waiting area can employ the same marketing strategy.

Banners are versatile, cost-effective, portable, and they work!

Effective Office Banners for Your Vancouver Business

There are several types of banners to consider for your Vancouver office signs:

Freestanding banners.
Freestanding banners, as the name suggests, are typically affixed to a lightweight aluminum stand. Stands are collapsible and portable, so you could use the banner in your office and/or take it to events and trade shows. You can also easily move the banner to different locations in your waiting room.

Mini table top banners.
Table top banners are perfect for bringing attention to educational pamphlets that you place on tables. If you have product or educational pamphlets for your customers, a mini table top banner will help your materials get noticed. Table top banners work well in health clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and veterinary clinics, or in any business that displays brochures.

Hanging banners.
While you might think that hanging banners are strictly for outdoors or events, they are also used indoors when space permits. Hanging banners can be virtually any size and can be used in your waiting room or reception area to advertise services, products, and business events.

Banners: A Portable, Flexible Office Signage Option

The portability of banners makes them a flexible office signage option. When you reconfigure your office or rearrange your waiting room décor, banners are easy to move and store. They can be changed easily, too, when services or products are added or no longer offered.

We recommend using vinyl banners instead cloth. While cloth is often chosen for indoor banners, in a busy office, vinyl is the best choice since it’s moisture impermeable, durable and can be printed with vibrant colours.

Need Banners for a Vancouver Office? Receive a Free Consultation

If you are considering cloth or vinyl banners for your Vancouver office or business waiting room, receive a free estimate from Sandbox Signs + Graphics. We’ll discuss your goals and direct you to the right choice of banner for your business.