Are Your Reception Signs Failing Your Customers and Employees?

Receptions signs for Frozen Mountain Vancouver office

Are Your Reception Signs Failing Your Customers and Employees?

Reception signs for Vancouver and Lower Mainland business offices are more valuable than you may think. When designing a reception area, many businesses don’t consider the benefits to customers, customer care, and office staff productivity. The reality is, that office signage is frequently an afterthought.  Whether you are designing a new office, or want the added benefits that signs can bring to your current office design, Sandbox Signs + Graphics can help.  It’s not just about signage though. Sandbox creates custom office signs, banner displays and privacy film that not only look great but perform a vital function within your business. Following are just few very good reasons to consider reception signage, banner displays and privacy film.

Reception Signage Answers Frequently Asked Questions for Your Staff

While your staff are busy, reception signage can take care of everything from your business hours and restroom location to advertising the services you offer. Having signage answer the questions that customers frequently ask reception staff is better for your employees and your clients. Clients get the answers they need, quickly, without waiting in a line or interrupting work, and employees aren’t repeatedly answering the same questions. Employee productivity increases and customer and employee frustration decreases.

Reception Signage is Customer Care

When your Vancouver office signs are well-planned, you are providing some of the most cost-effective customer care money can buy. As described above, signage may work like a silent employee, answering questions, guiding and informing your clients for years after the signage is installed.

Reception Banner Displays Advertise to a Captive Audience

Banner displays (freestanding or hanging) are a very effective form of reception signage. Banner displays in a Vancouver office can advertise your services to a captive audience. While people are waiting in your business’s reception area, you have an opportunity to inform them or advertise other services that may be of interest. Offices could take their cues from banks. Banks do a very good job of employing banner display ads to advertise additional offerings. Bank marketers know that while people are waiting in line or waiting for an appointment, they will tend to look around the room, which is an ideal opportunity to promote other services. Though a customer might be standing in line to make a deposit, if they see a banner ad advertising mortgage rates, investment consulting or financing, when they need those services, they will remember — or they may inquire on the spot. Banks do it because it works, and banner display signs can be cost-effectively changed up on a regular basis, month to month, year after year.

Reception Area Wall Murals Increase Brand/Service Awareness and Add Visual Impact that Gets Noticed

Wall murals are a flexible medium for reception and waiting areas. Wall murals can incorporate your company branding (e.g. logos, value propositions and mission statements) as well as advertise services or products or showcase achievements. Wall murals can work as multimedia displays — incorporating text, high resolution graphics and photos, full colour, graphic design, timelines and more. Although sometimes restricted to the wall’s flat surface — a wall mural can also incorporate 3-dimensional features which have a dramatic visual impact. The only limitation is the size of the wall, but even the smallest of reception areas can take advantage of an otherwise blank “canvas” that is largely underutilized and otherwise goes unnoticed.

Reception Privacy Film Increases Productivity

The productivity design pendulum is swinging toward center. From the 1950s onward, there has been a trend toward open office spaces. Open design became a fad in the design of new schools in the 70s. It didn’t take long for the fad to wane as teachers realized that freedom was trumped by the constant noise and distraction to both students and teachers. For businesses, the thinking was that providing open, airy, spaces, employees would feel less confined, less trapped and would therefore be more productive and collaborative. Today, over 70% of office spaces use an open plan. Those open plans, which foster group work and collaboration, may also hinder individual productivity. In other words, the open plan is not for everyone. In a review of studies entitled “Privacy at Work: Architectural Correlates of Job Satisfaction and Job Performance” the abstract says it all:

Three correlational studies examined relationships among architectural privacy, psychological privacy, job satisfaction, and job performance. Results of all three studies showed architectural privacy associated with psychological privacy. Both forms of privacy were associated with satisfaction with workspace, and job satisfaction.

For reception areas, which often function as administration office spaces, where concentration is important, creating some level of privacy will enhance a staff member’s job performance and job satisfaction.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics often uses privacy film for Vancouver and Lower Mainland offices as a cost-effective means of creating privacy without major redesign or renovation. Privacy films reduce visual distraction and create a personal space in which workers feel less distracted, and less exposed to the world around them.

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