Wall Graphics for Office Interiors

KPMG indoor sign: wall mural timeline

Wall Graphics for Office Interiors

Wall graphics are often overlooked in office interior design – probably because people don’t think of them, or consider where and how they can be utilized. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created countless wall graphics for offices over the years for businesses in Greater Vancouver that want an easy way to bring eye catching design to otherwise blank walls

“Wall graphics” is a broad term encompassing several different types:

Wall decals
Wall decals can be made to nearly any size and may combine full colour photography, graphics and lettering, printed on professional-grade vinyl film.

Vinyl-cut lettering
Adhesive vinyl lettering may be used to market services, products or inspire office visitors, or as part of your interior design.

Privacy film
Used on windows or partitions, privacy film is semi-opaque adhesive vinyl film that comes in many faux finishes which mimic the appearance of etched glass. The etching allows light in, while providing much needed privacy at reception counters, meeting rooms, and offices. If your team needs additional privacy, consider etched privacy film.

Photographic or graphical wall murals
Large or small-scale wall murals may include high resolution photography, graphics, and fonts. They can be used anywhere you have a blank wall and are frequently used in reception areas, waiting rooms, and meeting rooms. Wall murals can really tie your interior design together, allowing a theme to flow from room to room.

Where to Use Wall Graphics in an Office?

Waiting Rooms and Reception Areas

Make your office waiting room or reception area more inviting by adding a wall mural. The mural can reflect the company culture, provide a relaxing or inspiring vista to those waiting their turn, or visually depict your company’s history.

Open Plan Offices

Open plan offices are great for collaborating. Keep your team sharp with inspirational phrases or famous quotes rendered in vinyl lettering or add an equally inspiring photographic wall mural.

Executive Office Interiors

Executive office interior walls don’t have to be boring – wall graphics and murals can make a statement about company culture, vision, and beliefs.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are a great place to provide inspirational graphics that help build a sense a community, unity, and vision. Wall graphics and/or murals can be visual reminders of the importance of your company, its clients and employees.

Get more privacy in glass-walled meeting rooms by using privacy film.

Office Exterior Walls

Office exterior walls that face indoors, such as in a building or mall, are blank canvases. Wall murals can be visually compelling and memorable. Exteriors are also a great place to use vinyl lettering to list your company services or products.

Receive a Free Quote or Consultation for Wall Graphics

If your office needs a facelift or a design boost, consider wall graphics. Receive a free estimate or contact us if you have questions. Sandbox Signs can provide guidance and suggestions. We’re located in Burnaby and serve clients in Vancouver, Burnaby and other parts of the Lower Mainland.