Office Privacy Film: Privacy, Security, Productivity & Aesthetics

Office privacy film

Office Privacy Film: Privacy, Security, Productivity & Aesthetics

Office privacy film (tinted, etched or frosted) is changing Vancouver offices for the better. In the old days, if you needed privacy in your office, you resorted to cubicles, partitions, windowless offices or costly etched glass. Office privacy often meant giving up an open feeling in your office and walling off employees. While privacy may have been achieved, it was cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Privacy window film is making privacy, cost savings, increased productivity and aesthetics easier to attain.

What is Privacy Window Film?

Privacy window film is a thin, etched or embossed vinyl sheet that is attached to office windows by static cling or self-adhesive backing. Privacy film comes in a variety of subtle, realistic effects, such as frosted glass, etched designs and tinting with various colours.  Privacy films can include designs, branding, lettering and etched logos.

Benefits of Office Privacy Film

  • Costs a fraction of custom glass etching.
  • Faster installation, less disruptive and much cleaner than custom glass window treatments.
  • Office window film can be used on exterior windows, interior office windows, entrance windows and doors, and reception areas.
  • Easy to match your office décor or design aesthetic because there are many designs, patterns, treatments, colours and custom options available.
  • Easy to replace at any time to update your office.
  • Increased privacy. One-way window treatments let employees see out while people can’t see in. Increases employee privacy, thus increasing concentration and productivity.
  • Increased security. Frosted windows, etchings and other treatments reduce theft by obscuring the view of contents within, reducing a would-be thief’s temptation.
  • Reduces or eliminates UV rays that are harmful to skin and furnishings.
  • Decreased energy consumption. Air conditioning or heating is always fighting a room’s ambient temperature. In warm months, less sunlight gets in, keeping the office cooler and reducing air conditioning energy. In cooler months, less radiant heat is lost through glass windows.

Interior Window Film Balances Form & Function

Because there are many interior window film styles and designs available, it’s easy to find a treatment that offers aesthetic appeal while remaining functional. Your office will look great and you’ll get the privacy and other benefits described above.

Etched glass privacy film

Office window film with etched design

Distractions are reduced, and privacy is increased without “walling off” this meeting room from the rest of the office. The same etched window film treatment is continued in other parts of the office, adding unity to the interior design. Privacy film still allows light in, so the brightness of the office is not compromised.

Frosted window film with etched lettering

In this example, lettering etched into frosted glass creates a bold, modern aesthetic that aligns with the company’s personality and brand.

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