Window Film for Privacy and Interior Design

Office window film with etched design

Window Film for Privacy and Interior Design

Window film is a cost-effective means of adding an interesting design element and/or privacy to otherwise unadorned glass. It comes in a variety of faux finishes, can be used on windows or glass doors, and is far less costly than acid-etched glass. Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has designed, cut and installed window film for Vancouver and Burnaby businesses and residences.

What is Window Film?

Window film is a thin, yet durable, thermal plastic laminate made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is used in many applications including synthetic clothing fibre production. PET is used for window film because it is as clear as glass, strong, and accepts a variety of surface treatments including dye, precise frosting, or etching. In interior design, window films are prized for their many available off-the-shelf and custom design treatments, UV filtration, thermal insulation and privacy. Read more about window film on Wikipedia.

What Finishes are Available?

Window film is available in hundreds of finishes include frosted glass, etched designs, custom etching (i.e., logos, company name, slogans) and more. Other materials such as faux gold-flake, or treatments like semi-transparent colour, can be inlayed into the film, creating unique and eye-catching stained-glass effects. With window film, you are only limited by your imagination.

Examples of Window Film by Sandbox Signs + Graphics

Frosted glass window privacy film for meeting room

Window film used as privacy barrier in a Vancouver office. The company’s name is made possible by precision cutting.


Decorative window film with frosted glass look and etched pattern

Window film used as privacy barrier for offices. The faux-etched finish includes both design and company branding.


Privacy film for a pharmaceutical compounding work room

Window film used in a compounding pharmacy’s production environment.


Privacy film and faux glass etching for residence bathroom door

Window film used for privacy on a glass-panelled bathroom door.

Where Can I Use Window Films?

In an office environment, window film is most often used for privacy in meeting rooms, offices, and reception areas, or on interior and exterior glass doors. In production environments, such as factories, manufacturing facilities, or restaurant kitchens, window films are used to provide a privacy barrier between the customer-service area and production area (e.g., factory floor, kitchen). Window films are also used in the home for glass doors (frequently bathroom doors), and panorama windows. Anywhere you have glass and want a design element with the added benefits of privacy, UV filtration and thermal insulation, you can use window films.

How Does Window Film Compare with Acid-Etched or Frosted Glass?

Acid-etched glass is a costly and time consuming to produce and install. Glass must be cut to size, etched and installed. Acid-etched glass is also permanent. Window film is a fraction of the cost of etched glass, is easily installed (taking a few hours by an experienced installer), causes minimal disruption to the workplace or home, and is impermanent. Some films, such as static cling (as opposed to adhesive-backed) may also be reusable.

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