5 Property Signs You’ll Need for Phase 3 Reopening

Property Signs for Phase 3 and Reopening

5 Property Signs You’ll Need for Phase 3 Reopening

Property signs are an important marketing and communication tool for businesses at any time, and now that Phase 3 of BC’s Restart Plan has begun, they are more important than ever. Businesses need a means of communicating their reopening and requirements to their customers.

During the height of the pandemic and its successive waves that forced tighter restrictions, building and property signs helped communicate the “new rules of engagement”. Now we need signs again; this time to boldly shout “We’re open and back in business!”.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics, located in Burnaby and serving Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland, has been creating property and building signs for businesses since 1994. During this past 18 months, we’ve helped many businesses with social distancing signs, desk and reception partitions, and other COVID-19 signage.

5 Property Signs for Reopening

The following property signs were the most requested during the pandemic and will continue to be important communication tools through each stage of BC’s Restart Plan.

1) Outdoor Banner Signs

Announce your reopening and/or new hours with an outdoor banner. Outdoor banners can be made at large scale so your reopening message can easily be seen by vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic. Banners are a common temporary property sign affixed to a building’s façade, often above the business entrance.

2) Sandwich Boards

While strictly not a property sign, sandwich boards are perfect for street front retail businesses, coffee shops, and service businesses. Sandwich boards have been around for well over 150 years. (Charles Dickens coined the phrase “Sandwich man” to describe a business’s employees whose one job was to walk around near the business, sandwiched between two placards, advertising the business’s offerings). While wearable sandwich boards still exist, most sandwich boards are freestanding A-frame sidewalk signs.

When people see a sandwich board, they know you’re open for business! Consider using a sandwich board to emphasize your new opening hours.

3) Door Signage

Door signage is probably the most requested type of property sign. Simple, affordable, and effective, door signage gets seen by all who enter your business, or window shop outside your business. Your entrance door is a perfect place to advertise opening hours, mask requirements, etc. Though the mask mandate was lifted on July 1st, masks are still recommended for those over the age of 12 who have not yet received their second dose of the vaccine. Some businesses, such as restaurants, are allowed to determine their own table limits, and must still disallow socializing between tables. Your entrance door is a good place for this information.

4) Floor Signage

Restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, lounges, tasting rooms and other food and drink service businesses are still required to follow some restrictions from the Provincial Health Officer to keep customers and employees safe from communicable diseases. Many of the new Phase 3 restrictions are concerned with occupancy limits, social distancing measures, patron congregation, and in some cases hand hygiene.

Floor signage (often shoe print decals) that clearly marks traffic flow to restaurant seating and restrooms are helpful reminders to customers and staff.

5) Freestanding Indoor Signs

Free standing floor signs placed at restaurant reception podiums or just inside the entrance door, can remind customers of the measures that are in effect in your business.

Need Property Signs for Phase 3 or Reopening?

Property and building signs are simple, yet effective communication tools, and communication is key during each new phase of BC’s Restart Plan. If you need a reopening or restart signage package for your Vancouver area business, contact us or request a quote. We can create custom signage that helps keep your business compliant with provincial orders and keeps customers and employees safe.