Property Development Signage the Right Way

Property development signage the right way

Property Development Signage the Right Way

Property development signage is an easy and cost-effective way for Vancouver development and construction companies to advertise during a build. From ground breaking to opening, in a busy city like Vancouver, development signs will be seen by thousands or tens of thousands of motorists and pedestrians per week. A construction site perimeter is the perfect canvas for low-cost advertising that gets noticed.

Appropriate materials, sign size, design and optimal placement make development or construction signs even more effective. The following are a few tips to consider when ordering signage from Sandbox Signs + Graphics.

Property Development Sign Materials

Wood / Crezone, 10mm Coroplast and Aluminum Composite are popular choices for development signage because they are rugged and less-costly than other forms of signs, although waterproof vinyl banners are also a good choice.

Sign Size

The right size of sign will depend on the space available and the location of the construction site, but “as large as possible” is ultimately your best bet. A driver in a lane furthest from the sign should be able to easily read the text.

Design & Text

For the most effective property development signage, it’s usually best to keep graphic design and text to the bare minimum, because unlike other forms of signage, motorists won’t read the sign verbatim. Think of construction signage as a kind of billboard. Because the sign will be read for a few seconds at most, important elements must be emphasized. For the project, a project name, logo, tagline, website URL and phone number are usually enough. For the property developer and/or construction company signs, limiting text and graphics to a logo, company name, website URL, and phone number will allow you to maximize the size of those elements. Although you can use graphical backgrounds if the sign is large enough, too many graphics or busy graphics may obscure essential information such as company name and phone number.

Optimal Placement

Typical sign placement on a construction site that sits at one corner of an intersection is 1) a large, two-directional sign at the corner of the intersection (each side of the sign facing a street), and 2) signage on each of the four sides of the perimeter fencing (see image below). The number of signs and which perimeters they are placed on will depend on several factors. If the property is not bounded by 4 streets, then you may be limited to sign placement on 2 or 3 sides. A thorough consultation will allow us to help you determine the best placement.

Property development signage the right way

Typical placement of property development signage when the property is on the corner of an intersection.

Get a Quote for Property Development Signage

If you’re looking for property development signage or construction signs in the Vancouver, BC area, request a free estimate. We’ll make suggestions for size, design and placement and guide you to the right choices.