Cloth Banners for Vancouver Restaurants Operating During COVID-19

Cloth banners for Vancouver restaurants

Cloth Banners for Vancouver Restaurants Operating During COVID-19

Cloth banners typically don’t get as much “respect” as other forms of restaurant signage, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve become an indispensable form of communication for many of our Vancouver and Burnaby restaurant customers. Cloth banners may not be as flashy as 3D wood or metal signs or full scale wall murals, but then they serve an entirely different purpose. Banners are cost effective, easy to change, can serve many purposes and may be used indoors or outdoors.

During the 2+ years of the pandemic, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has fulfilled countless requests for freestanding and hanging cloth and vinyl banners for restaurants in Vancouver, Burnaby and other parts of the Lower Mainland. Though there are many reasons banners are requested, the common denominator is communicating COVID-19-related information with patrons. Banners have become indispensable for communicating Provincial Health Officer restrictions and guidance, and information about the restaurant’s operation.

Where Do Restaurants Use Cloth Banners?

The following are some common uses of cloth banners inside a restaurant:

Inside the front door in waiting areas
Restaurants frequently place freestanding cloth banners (affixed to a banner stand) just inside the main entrance. These banners may be used to remind patrons to have their proof of vaccination and ID ready, and that social distancing and masks are mandatory unless seated. Banners are also used as part of hand sanitizing stations.

Inside the front door hanging above host or reception podiums
If the waiting area is too small for a freestanding banner, a hanging banner is a good option. Cloth banners can be hung from ceiling beams or from ceiling tile framework.

At the entrance to each aisle of seating
If your restaurant is arranged in aisles with rows of seating on each side of the aisle, the aisle entrance is a suitable place for a freestanding or hanging cloth banner. These banners may be used to remind patrons not to mingle with other guests and to wear a mask and socially distance when not seated at the table. Aisle signs are also used to close sections or to ensure traffic flow in one direction. For one-directional traffic flow, the aisle may have one banner sign that says “Enter” and another that says “Exit”. Entrance-exit banners are often used in conjunction with footprint direction signs on the floor.

Near self-serve stations
If your restaurant has self-service stations, a freestanding cloth banner may be used to again remind patrons to socially distance, wear a mask, and sanitize hands before using self-service.

At food delivery pickup areas
If your restaurant has a designated food delivery service pick up area, a cloth banner with the words “Food Delivery Pick Up” (or “Uber Eats”, “Skip the Dishes”, etc) can help avoid confusion and traffic jams between your patrons and food delivery service workers.

Where Do Restaurants Use Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners are most often used outside because they are water and weather resistant. Vinyl banners are often used:

  • As the main restaurant sign
  • To advertise specials or restaurant event nights
  • To display opening hours and delivery service hours, which has become especially important during the pandemic

Questions About Cloth or Vinyl Banners for Your Restaurant?

If you have questions about banners, cost or design, please contact us. We’ll provide a free consultation and estimate. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has been creating signs for Vancouver and Burnaby restaurants since 1994. We create custom signage solutions in many different materials for a wide range of budgets.