How Wall Decals and Murals Can Be Used in Your Vancouver Restaurant

Window film faux glass etching and window signage for Vancouver restaurant

How Wall Decals and Murals Can Be Used in Your Vancouver Restaurant

Wall decals and their much larger cousin, wall murals, are used by Vancouver restaurants and cafes as both an interior design feature and a marketing feature.

The main difference between decals and murals is size. Decals and murals are both made by printing graphics, photographs and fonts on thin, adhesive-backed or static cling film.

Wall decals are used to display small graphics or lettering on windows, glass doors, and walls, usually inside the restaurant. Wall murals are often applied to an entire wall or a large part of a wall and may be used indoors or outdoors. Although they are called “wall murals”, they may also be used on large windows.

How Window and Wall Decals are Used by Restaurants

Restaurant business hours
Transparent window decals are often used to display a restaurant’s business hours on the main entrance door or on windows adjacent to the main entrance door.

Specials advertising
If you have menu specials or features that you’d like to showcase, consider using decals on windows so that they can be seen by people walking by your restaurant.

Photographic window or wall menus
You often see photographic menus on Sushi restaurant windows or walls. Although frequently used by takeout restaurants, menu decals are used by other types of eateries, too.

Main company branding/signage
Window decals work well for your main restaurant signage, particularly if your restaurant has street-facing panoramic windows. Many restaurants use decals for branding in this way – sometimes combined with an awning sign or banner for the main restaurant sign.

As part of interior design
Wall decals may repeat a motif of the interior design, photographs from the restaurant’s history, memorable quotes or other thematic content. The use of decals in design is only limited by a graphic designer’s imagination.

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How Wall Murals are Used by Restaurants

As part of interior design
Wall murals are most often used to for full scale graphics or photographs that are integral to the restaurant’s brand identity. The photos or graphics may depict a certain region of the world, food, era, or historical photos from the restaurant’s past.

For wall menus
Because wall murals can combine graphics and fonts they can be used as menus that are designed to match the theme or brand identity of your restaurant. A good example is a faux chalkboard mural. While real chalkboards are used by some restaurants, they’re also time-consuming and expensive to maintain, and can be smudged or erased accidentally.

For restroom doors
Wall murals can add visual interest to otherwise boring restroom doors and walls. On doors, they can be used to denote the men’s, women’s, or gender neutral (unisex) restroom. Interior walls could continue the design theme used in the restaurant.

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