3 Types of Must-Have Retail Advertising Signage

3 Types of Must-Have Retail Advertising Signage

Advertising signage is sometimes overlooked by Vancouver-area retailers, though more economical than other forms of advertising (e.g. TV, radio, print ads). In a retail setting, advertising signs perform several functions, including increased brand recognition, sales or service advertising, and enticement.

Brand Recognition

Whether your retail store is street facing or in a mall, retail signs increased brand visibility. Brand visibility helps associate your business with potential retail customer needs. The more people that see and recognize your brand (company name, logo, tagline, offerings), the more they associate your business with their need and the more they trust your business.

Sales or Service Advertising

As a Vancouver sign company, it’s surprising to see how many retailers miss opportunities to boost the visibility of their sales or services. We’ve walked into some retail stores and noticed that sometimes a sale only becomes apparent once you’re in the store. Conversely, we’ve seen situations where the retailer has exterior sale banners or other types of exterior signage, but, once in the store, the sale parameters are obscure, with little indication of what items are on sale or the terms of the sale (% discount, buy 1 get 1 free, rewards points, etc).

Attract & Inform Customers with These Advertising Signs

Retail advertising signage attracts customers and inform them. Your store’s exterior signage can be used to advertise brands, services, sales, and new arrivals. Once in your store, advertising signage can reinforce your sales message, inform customers of sales terms, and the location of sales areas, such as specials tables or sales racks.

There are three types of advertising signs that every retailer should have in their marketing bag of tricks: window posters, wall posters, and wall murals.

Window Posters

Window posters are among the most economical and flexible forms of retail advertising signage. Posters can framed or mounted on foam core or other rigid base material and can be virtually any size. Sandbox Signs + Graphics uses large format full-colour printers as well as vinyl plotters and decal/label printers that result in vibrant colours and crisp lettering.

Where to use window posters:

  • Retail store front windows facing street and sidewalk traffic, or mall pedestrian traffic
  • In-store facing inside to advertise sales
  • Mall kiosks
Retail store front banner signage

Street facing window posters.

Wall Posters

Put unused store wall space to work on walls inside and outside your store! Like window posters, wall posters can be small or large in scale, framed or mounted.

Where to use wall posters:

  • On walls that are near sales tables, racks, and shelves so customers can easily find items on sale.
  • Behind the cash desk to advertise upcoming sales and events, loyalty rewards programs and other offers.
  • On exterior walls in a mall setting

Posters may also be placed on easels or stands anywhere in the store. This option may provide more flexibility for positioning sales advertising signs.

Retail advertising signage

Retail posters aren’t limited to walls and windows.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are often large in scale and their size gets noticed. If you want to create impact – a wall mural is a great choice! Wall murals, like posters, can contain graphics, photographs, design work and text.

Where to use wall murals:

  • In a mall setting, on exterior walls facing mall corridors
  • To highlight sales areas
  • To identify other areas of the store/departments (e.g. women’s clothing, men’s clothing, pants, shirts, fitting rooms)
  • As part of your store’s interior design
A wall mural in a Vancouver mall

A mural on the exterior walls of Vancouver mall retailer, Bench.

Need Retail Advertising Signage for Your Vancouver Shop?

If you have questions about retail advertising signs, contact Sandbox Signs + Graphics. Since 1994, we’ve provided Vancouver and Lower Mainland retailers with custom sign services at competitive prices. Whether you need exterior or interior signage, we can help.