Using Promo and Display Banners for Vancouver Stores – Part 2, 5 Tips for Effective Retail Banners

Retail store front banner signage

Using Promo and Display Banners for Vancouver Stores – Part 2, 5 Tips for Effective Retail Banners

Last month, in part 1 of this 2-part post, we discussed the types of banners used by Vancouver retailers.

Regardless of the type of banner you choose for your Vancouver retail business, the following general design guidelines will make your retail banner signage more effective.

  1. Less text is usually best
    If your banner will be read by passing street traffic (pedestrians or vehicle occupants) the main messaging and call-to-action must be to the point. A passerby must be able to read this message in 2 or 3 seconds.
  2. Balanced design and text
    Retail banners work best when the background (design elements like colour or images) and text are balanced. If you have a simple background, 1 or 2 colours and few “design” elements, you can use a little more text. If you have a colourful, splashy, exciting design or photographic background, use fewer words, such as a large bold promo heading placed where it is not competing with the background.
  3. Contrasting design and text
    Contrast is a vital part of good retail banner Text should be easy to read. The background should contrast with the text. Good examples of contrasting text-on-background pairings include: black on white, black on yellow, red on white, white on red, white on blue.
  4. Break some “less is more” rules for in-store retail banners
    Although “less is more” is still a good rule for banner design, inside the store (particularly at point-of-sale) a little more text is appropriate. Customers in the store aisles or at the cash desk, can stop and read. A “little more text” is the key. Don’t overdo it! The banner sign’s main message should still be most prominent (larger, bolder).
  5. Use the right kind of banner sign for the job
    Using the right tools for the job is just as true for you when choosing a banner for your Vancouver store as it is for a mechanic working on your car. Here are some quick guidelines for choosing the right kind of banner sign:

    • Outdoors
      Use scrim vinyl banners. Scrim vinyl stands up to weather. Scrim is a PVC-polyester fabric ground onto which the design is printed. The ground is then protected by a translucent vinyl layer. Whether the sign is for an outdoor sales banner or your main business signage, vinyl scrim is the best choice.
    • Indoor tradeshows and events
      Use a combination of banners: hanging, pop-up/retractable, and tabletop. Hang a banner high above your booth so you’ll be spotted across the tradeshow floor. Use a pop-up banner for your main both display. Use table-top banners to advertise offers, signups or other important information that people can read when you they are at your table.
    • In front of your mall store
      Use retractable banners just outside your door facing mall traffic. They can advertise sales or be used as your secondary business signage.
    • In the store
      Use hanging sales banners in windows. Use retractable banners near sales areas. Use retractable or pop-up banners for point-of-sale advertising. Use small table-top displays as space permits on the cash desk for return policies or “register closed” or “use next register” signage.

Questions About Banners for Your Vancouver Retail Business?

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