Window and Wall Murals for Retail Stores, Part 2 – Types of Murals

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Window and Wall Murals for Retail Stores, Part 2 – Types of Murals

Increase Brand Visibility and Sales

As we mentioned in part 1 our 2-part series on window and wall murals, murals have similar impact as billboards. They are seen, remembered, and increase brand recognition. Wall murals drive sales by making your Vancouver area retail store stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is particularly important in a mall setting or street-facing store in a “retail row” where there is a lot of competition both from other retailers and in getting the attention of passersby. Although more traditional retail signage is still important, if you have the space, consider retail murals.

Locations of Retail Window and Wall Murals

There are four main locations for wall and window murals and graphics: street/sidewalk-facing, mall traffic-facing, exterior-facing window and wall, interior-facing window and interior wall. The size of your windows and walls dictate the scale of the mural, though even smaller murals can have greater impact than other retail signage. Much depends on the types and your location, the purpose of the mural, and the graphics employed. A consultation with Sandbox Signs + Graphics will help you discover what will work best.

Street-facing Storefront Window Murals

Street-facing retail storefront windows are often a wasted advertising landscape and many retailers do nothing more than use small-scale window graphics and vinyl lettering. Windows can be wrapped with large scale graphics and posters, which can be seen from great distances, have immediate impact and stand out from the rest.

Mall-facing Retail Murals

Mall-traffic facing window or wall murals have great influence in brand visibility and can also be seen from distances. Graphics and posters are not just confined to windows, though. If your retail store has an exterior wall, use it for a large-scale mural.

Interior Window and Wall Murals

Because windows have two sides, you can have a mural on both outside and inside, and, if your retail store has interior wall space, consider indoor wall murals! Interior murals may not be seen from the outside but they do have impact on the customers in your store. Whether you are having a sale, or want to use wall murals as landmarks for different areas of your store (men’s clothing, women’s clothing, sale items, etc.) wall murals can perform double-duty as sales advertising, branding, and to orient your customers.

Window and Wall Mural Materials

Nearly any graphic, photograph or poster can be designed to fit a retail wall or window. Sandbox Signs can work with your creative team, or, we can design window and wall murals for your Vancouver retail store. Windows can be wrapped with perforated film that is easily applied and removed. Films can be one-way transparencies (you can see out but not in) or opaque.

Wall murals can include:

  • High resolution photographs
  • High resolution graphics
  • Lettering and messaging
  • Branding including store names and logos
  • Sale names and dates

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