How to Compare Sign Company Quotes – Compare Value Not Just Price

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How to Compare Sign Company Quotes – Compare Value Not Just Price

If you’re comparing sign company quotes, you may want to consider exactly what you’re getting for the price you pay. A metaphor might provide some perspective. When shopping for a pair of running shoes, most of us know that you get what you pay for. We understand that many low-priced shoes often sacrifice fit, quality and features. Sign prices are similar. Just like cheap running shoes, cheap signs may not fit, or have the quality and/or basic features you need.

You might be thinking that as a sign company, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has a bias in dissuading you from choosing cheap signage, and we do! We provide this advice for good reason. Sign quality is important. If you want an effective, durable sign made with high quality materials, you probably shouldn’t go below a certain price threshold.

Our sign prices are competitive: not the cheapest you’ll find, but also not expensive. Our customers want quality and fair prices. Request a quote for signage and you’ll see that we deliver both!

Steps to Comparing Sign Prices

There are many sign companies in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland (well over 100 listed in Google Business). There is also a huge range of signage prices. Amongst them, you may find sign prices that are low, but what quality and value are you getting for the price? Our advice: compare apples to apples.

The following are some questions to think about when comparing sign company quotes:

How long has the company been in business?
While there are some good new sign companies, a company that has been in business for many years has experience and their staying power is a positive indication that their services are valued. Sandbox Signs has been providing signage services to Lower Mainland businesses since 1994.

Does the company stand by its sign products?
If you aren’t happy with your sign, how will the sign company rectify the problem? Sandbox Signs isn’t happy until our customers are happy. If there’s a quality problem or defect, we fix it at no additional cost.

Does the sign company do custom work?
Can the sign company make custom signage or do they sell “templatized” signage with pre-set sizes and materials? Can they do oversized printing for extra-large jobs such as wall signs?

What materials and features are you getting for the price you pay?
Materials are important, particularly for outdoor signs, but also for any sign you want to last. Does the sign company use impermeable, weather-resistant scrim vinyl for outdoor banners? Will their other outdoor signs withstand moisture and sunlight? For outdoor and indoor signs, do they use inks that are resistant to fading?

Does the company have signage photo gallery?
A sign company should have a photo gallery of different types of signs. A photo gallery that showcases an array of work demonstrates the company’s depth and experience.

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