Poster & Promotional Signage

About Poster & Promotional Signage

Sandbox Signs + Graphics designs, creates and prints many types of business posters used as advertising signage for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland retailers, businesses and non-profit organizations. Our advertising signs gallery is a small sampling of what we can offer.

Why Advertising Posters?
The Benefits of Poster and Promotional Advertising Signage
Advertising Signage Materials

Advertising signage posters can be minimal, using few colours or black and white and attached to surfaces with simple adhesive tape, or, they can be colourful, framed (with or without glass), have a protective coating, and printed on a variety of materials, including vinyl, canvas or art board. Posters can be hung on walls, placed in windows, placed on stands, incorporated into store wall design for a mural effect, or wrapped around larger products, like appliances, vehicles and others.

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