Real Estate & Property Signage

About Real Estate & Property Signage

Sandbox Signs + Graphics has worked closely with Vancouver and Lower Mainland realtors creating effective, attractive real estate signage in a variety of materials, for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need realty office signage, lawn signage, or sales centre signage, we can help. Our realty signage gallery will give you an idea of the types of signs Sandbox can create for your real estate business to give your client’s homes or commercial spaces the exposure they need to sell quickly.

Types of Real Estate Signage
Realty Signage Materials

Realty signage can be made with a variety of materials, depending on why and where the sign is being used. Signage may be as a simple as posters and cloth banners, or as complex as wall mounted installations for show room or sales centre walls. Outdoors signs can be made of metal, glass, wood, vinyl or a combination of materials. Signage can be flat or 3-dimensional.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate and Property Signage

When choosing real estate signage, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the sign temporary, or permanent?
    If it is temporary, board and posters signs may be more economical. If it permanent, then sturdy materials that stand the test of time should be chosen.
  2. Is the sign being used indoors or outdoors?
    If the sign will be used outdoors then durable, weatherproof materials like metals, plastic, vinyl, and treated and painted wood should be used.
  3. Will the sign be viewed from up close or from a distance?
    Signs being viewed by passing motorists need to have impact, which often equates to larger size and visually interesting graphics. Large-scale signs make more sense for real estate sales centres than smaller signage like posters or sandwich boards. However, using both in combination may be a good tactic for drawing the attention of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
Realtors: Don't Forget Your Vehicle

Real estate agents understand, more than anyone, the importance of marketing themselves.

They know that to compete in Vancouver’s highly-competitive real estate market, they need to increase their own visibility at every opportunity. While the need for static forms of real estate signage, like for sale lawn signs and office signage is a given, vehicle signage is an opportunity missed and misunderstood by many realtors. The value of vehicle signage for realtors cannot be overstated.

Outdoor Signs