Vinyl Graphics & Vinyl Signage

About Vinyl Graphics

Sandbox Signs + Graphics creates beautiful, durable, indoor or outdoor vinyl graphics for Vancouver companies. Whether you need a large storefront sign, wall, window or door decals, or vinyl vehicle graphics, we have vinyl signs for many purposes.

Benefits of Vinyl Graphics and Vinyl Signage

While still looking great, vinyl graphics are an economical means of creating signs for Vancouver businesses. Here are just some of the benefits of vinyl:

  • Vinyl graphics and signs are less expensive than other signs
    Vinyl is a material that is less expensive than wood, metal or plastic signs, but don’t let the economy of vinyl fool you — vinyl is highly effective for promotion and service advertising, or even as a company’s main store sign. Vinyl, though is not just for signs. It can be printed on using custom graphics or photos, and it can be cut precisely for window, vehicle or door letters or decals.
  • Vinyl signage is durable and weatherproof
    Vinyl’s flexibility and durability is what make it an attractive signage option. Some outdoor vinyl is rated to last up to 7 years and many vinyls will last a minimum of 2 years. UV protection coated vinyl films are available so your sign can withstand years of direct sunlight — safeguarding against fading and discolouration. Vinyl signs are impermeable and weatherproof — important to companies in Vancouver, where we experience an average of 170 days of precipitation annually. With over five months of rain, vinyl graphics and signs are a great choice if you want affordable, durable, yet vibrant signs.
  • Vinyl graphics and signs are easily removed and can be portable
    Less permanent than other forms of signs, and more easily stored, moved around your business or transported, vinyl signs can also be thought of as modular. They can be moved to augment other signs in your business, rearranged, or moved to another location entirely. If floor space is at a premium, or if your store’s exterior won’t accommodate other forms of signage, vinyl window signage or banners can solve these issues.
  • Vinyl comes in many thicknesses, colours, patterns, and textures
    Want a wood grain background? No problem. Metallic? Done! Stone texture? Got it! Whether you want simple background colours, vibrant, highly saturated colour, or faux patterns and textures, vinyl can do it all. Because vinyl is available in so many varieties, it’s easy to match vinyl signage to a Vancouver business’s décor or theme, or use them for contrast and impact.

Types of Vinyl Graphics and Signs

Vinyl comes in many grades and thicknesses:

  • Premium Vinyl
    Premium vinyl is 2 millimeter cast film that is great for exterior or vehicle use and rated to last up to 7 years.
  • Intermediate Vinyl
    Intermediate vinyl is 3 millimeter film which is rated for 5 years outdoors, and gives long lasting durability indoors — suitable for short to medium-term outdoor use or when you need more permanent indoor vinyl signs.
  • Translucent Vinyl
    As the name suggests, you can see through translucent vinyl so it is a great choice when you want a backlit sign or want visibility into or out of your office or store. Translucent vinyl is 2 millimeter film rated for 7 years outdoors.
  • Reflective Vinyl
    Reflective vinyl film works for construction, street and safety signs, or nighttime signs, when a high degree of visibility is important. Reflective vinyl is just under 7 millimeters thickand comes in both 2 and 7-year rated film.
  • Specialty Vinyl
    Specialty vinyl can be textured, faux metallic or wood, or provide one-way privacy with a reflective mirror-like backing.

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