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About Wall Signage, Wall Murals and Window Signage

Sandbox Signs + Graphics creates custom wall signage, window signage and wall murals for Vancouver and Lower Mainland businesses and organizations. Whether you need advertising signage for street-facing windows, window and door decals, or an entire wall dedicated to a full-sized mural, we can help.

Why Window and Wall Signage?
Window Signage
Wall Signage

Wall signage provides Vancouver and Lower Mainland business many opportunities for advertising and communication, both inside or outside your store or office.

Wall signage may include:

  • Custom lettering
  • 3-Dimensional lettering in metal, wood or plastic
  • Sales and promo graphics and lettering
  • Wall-sized posters
  • 3-Dimensional displays
  • A combination of any of the above, and more

Wall Murals

Why leave your walls unadorned when they can be used for company messaging and advertising? The unused space of your walls is perfect for attractive, photo or graphic-based wall murals. Vancouver companies frequently ignore their walls as a means of advertising, communication or adding aesthetically appealing custom design. Vancouver businesses can use wall murals to advertise or promote products and services inside their store or office, or, increase visibility outside the store to grab the attention of passing street traffic or mall traffic.

Wall murals may include:

  • Wall-sized photographs
  • Photo montage
  • Wall-sized graphics
  • Custom design
  • Maps
  • Charts and graphs
  • A combination of any of the above

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