Film Production Signs & Movie Set Signage

Sandbox Signs + Graphics creates a variety of film production signs and movie set signs for the Vancouver film and television industry. We can provide many design options and materials, for film location signs that direct your cast and crew to the shoot location, as well as set signs used in the production itself, depicting time and place

Custom Slates & Filters Tags

We’ve become the “go-to” Vancouver sign company for custom slates and filter tags. Get durable, functional, attractive slates for one-production use or that are reusable for years to come.

Time Code Slates

Our time code slates (clapperboard slates) can be customized to suit the needs of your shoot — including full-colour branding and printing. The acrylic, dry-erase surface can incorporate digital time code readouts.

Insert Slates

Acrylic, dry-erase, insert slates can be made to standard or custom sizes.

Filter Tags

Filter tags can be printed in any combination of colours and come with hook and loop adhesive.

Movie Set & Production Signs

Whether you need film or TV production location wayfinding signage, set signage or prop signs, Sandbox Signs + Graphics can help.

Film Location Signs

Get your people to a location shoot in Vancouver, BC or other areas, with highly visible film location directional signs.

Once on location, our signs ensure that your cast and crew know exactly where to gather and where to find facilities. Our day or night shoot film location signs can be made from a variety of durable yet affordable materials. Weatherproof fluorescent backgrounds are easily spotted from a distance and can withstand exposure to just about anything our often inclement weather can throw at them.

Film Production Studio Signs

Film production signs facilitate an efficient film shoot. Way-finding directional signs reduce shoot time and frustration.

Handheld placards with instructions to crew, cast and onlookers (e.g. “Quiet”, “No photos please”, “Cell phones off”) can help minimize disruptions that increase production costs. Sandbox has a variety of economical signage options suitable to the needs of studios.

Film Prop & Movie Set Signs

We can create custom movie set signs for your production made to suit any era and style. Whether your film set signs are for indoor or outdoor, we can provide creative and cost-effective solutions, including: bannerspromotional signs3D architectural signsbuilding signs or vehicle signs.

Commercial & TV Production Signs

As with film production, Sandbox creates custom location directional signs, studio and set signage for commercial and television productions, including way-finding signs, set signs, and indoor or outdoor signage.

Film Production Signs Gallery

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