COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs for Condos and Strata Buildings

Social distancing signs Vancouver condos and strata buildings

COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs for Condos and Strata Buildings

Though there is now light at the end of the tunnel, social distancing signs may become part of the new normal. While it’s said that mandated mask wearing and social distancing may be with us until late in 2021, there is a good chance that after the mandates end, the public will be encouraged to continue following basic spread prevention guidelines (i.e. hand washing, mask wearing, social distancing) particularly indoors.

Social Distancing Signs May Become Common in Buildings, Condos, Stratas

For Vancouver, like any large city, dense with apartments and condos (a veritable petri dishes for viruses to spread), reminders to tenants of the value of spread prevention could go a long way to reducing recurrences of COVID-19 (or new viruses), and the reduction of seasonal flu cases. Condo signs (and strata building signs) can help reinforce the new behaviours.

Top Condo & Strata Signs

General Spread Prevention Signs

At condo or strata building entrances and/or lobbies, general virus spread prevention guidelines can:

  • Describe sanitization steps taken by property managers, including sanitation of doorknobs, elevator buttons and other high-touch surfaces.
  • Remind visitors of social distancing rules – Tenants and visitors can be encouraged to socially distance and not form groups in hallways for impromptu chat sessions.
  • Provide hand hygiene reminders – Tenants and guests can be reminded to wash hands frequently, especially after entering their suites upon returning home.

Two-Metre Rule & Elevator Etiquette Signs

Two-metre rule signs and elevator etiquette signs can be posted outside elevators on each floor. This ensures that most tenants will see the social distancing signs.

Self Isolation Reminders

Self isolation signs can remind tenants to take extra precautions when they are ill or suspect they are ill. While this may not be enforceable after social distancing and mask mandates end, signage can reminder tenants of the importance of self isolation, mask wearing and hand hygiene to consider the health of others when they are ill.

Examples of Social Distancing Signs

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Where to Place Strata & Condo Social Distancing Signs

Place social distancing signs and other spread prevention reminders in high-traffic areas where they will be seen:

  • At building entrances
  • In lobbies
  • Near apartment mailbox areas
  • Near elevators
  • At parkade stairwell entrances or elevators

Types of Social Distancing Signs for Condos and Stratas

The following types of signs provide many options for display. Most property managers opt for a combination of the following:

  • Posters (framed, dry mounted, or laminated)
  • Free-standing signage stands for posters
  • Vinyl banners
  • Vinyl lettering

Questions About Social Distancing Signs? Sandbox Signs has Answers

If you manage a strata building or condo in BC and have questions about social distancing signage, contact Sandbox Signs + Graphics for a free consultation. We’ll make recommendations and design a signage package for your building.