Must-Have Display Signage During the Omicron Surge

social distancing display signage

Must-Have Display Signage During the Omicron Surge

Display signage and social distancing signs have become more important than ever during the COVID-19 Omicron variant surge. It’s vital that your employees and customers understand the “new rules” during this fifth wave of the pandemic.If, during the first wave, you didn’t purchase signs that communicate these rules, now is the time to act.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics created countless social distancing and COVID “rules” signs for Vancouver, Burnaby and other Lower Mainland businesses during the earlier waves of the pandemic. We understand what types of signs various businesses require and are set up to create signs in a timely manner.

Social Distancing Signs & Display Signs You’ll Need

While there are social distancing and COVID-19 display signs that are common to all businesses, some businesses also have specific needs.

Common to All Businesses

Hours of operation during COVID-19
If you have adjusted your business hours or are mandated to operate at different hours during the pandemic, use a door sign or sandwich board to display your new hours.

Mask required
“Mask required for entry” notices are usually placed on entrance doors or windows or on sandwich boards outside the business entrance.

Social distancing required
Social distancing signs are often placed just inside business entrances with the addition of social distancing floor decals (footprint decals) for queues or store aisles.


Please don’t arrive early for appointments
Many offices, particularly medical and dental offices, don’t want patients to show up early for appointments, because it causes waiting rooms to fill up and makes it difficult to maintain social distancing or capacity limits. Place this sign outside the office door. If a customer or patient arrives early, you can direct them to the lobby or tell them to come back at their scheduled time.

Please don’t enter until directed to do so
To avoid exceeding business or waiting room capacity limits, some businesses implement a “Please don’t enter until directed to do so” sign.

Please sit in designated seating only
Please don’t stand in the waiting room

Most offices block off or remove every second seat in their waiting rooms. These social distancing signs remind guests that they should sit in designated seating only.


Restaurants must ensure that: only double-vaccinated guests may enter the premises; patrons don’t congregate outside the restaurant or fraternize with guests at other tables; and, if offering self-service food or drink, that guests sanitize hands before using self-serve stations.

Vaccine passport scan required for entry
Place this sign on the door or in the waiting area.

No congregating outside
Place this sign on exterior walls parallel to sidewalks where people may gather.

Remain seated
A small table-top display sign can remind guests to remain seated and wear a mask when leaving, paying at a cash desk or when visiting a washroom, and that fraternization with other tables/guests is not permitted.

Sanitize your hands before using self service
Restaurants with self serve food or drink stations must have hand sanitizing stations within easy reach of the self-service station and must have signs reminding guests to sanitize their hands before using the station.

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